Patrick Vieira details his position on the strike by potential Premier League players

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Pep Guardiola has raised the idea of ​​a possible strike if, as suggested by Jordan Henderson, Liverpool’s captain, Premier League players ’concerns about their well-being are not taken more seriously.

Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira would not support the players ’strike, but worries that someone will have to be forced into action too soon after recovering from the corona virus.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has spoken about welfare problems not being taken seriously enough, while Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has suggested that a strike amid a build-up of Premier League matches could be the only way to address serious concerns. .

The intensity of the Christmas schedule and the burden on players is the subject of annual debate, but this year the issue will be exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As a player, former midfielder Vieira had great success at Arsenal and was Arsene Wenger’s team captain in the unbeaten 2003/2004 Premier League.

The 45-year-old, who won the 1998 World Cup with France, feels the course of hectic matches is manageable, but stressed that all players need to carefully consider their path after a coronavirus infection.

“I don’t know if I’d do it right, I can only say I’m opposed to this kind of strike,” Vieira said on the Boxing Day before the Palace’s trip to Tottham.

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“Right now, it’s really important to hear the voices of players or managers a little better.”

The former Arsenal captain added: “I’m not worried about the well-being of the players in the matches during this period because that’s been the case for years. What I’m worried about is the well-being of the players in relation to Covid.

“I think players who come back from a Covid situation and are asked to play because they didn’t have enough training will cause them a lot. That’s what I’m worried about. “

Norwich head coach Dean Smith, on the other hand, is unsure which team he will be able to show off against Arsenal on Boxing Day as the club continues to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

Smith has already seen a match bleed due to problems, but he believes clubs only have to follow the latest Premier League guidelines – which state’s matches to play if there are 13 field players and one goalkeeper out of the frame.

Asked if he would support a player strike if requested by the Norwich captain, Smith said: “I don’t think he can do it. We must follow the guidelines of the league in which we are.

“The Premier League has provided guidance on what to do to postpone a match.

“The West Ham match was too much for us and it was postponed by the Premier League after we filed a claim for our injuries and illness, so this is the way forward and we will continue.”

Dean Smith, manager of Norwich City
Smith added: “Yesterday we attended a meeting (Premier League manager) where decisions have already been made, so I think we are already behind in decision-making.

“It has been decided (Premier League) that the season will continue as it was and now we have to complete the matches, so we have to fight as best we can.”

The Norwich boss revealed he felt “it was negligible” that he had to exhibit people like Sam Byram, who was rushed back onto the field after a long miss when he was sent in as an emergency substitution in a 2-0 defeat to Villa. .

“I think we are in a dangerous situation now where we are putting the health and well-being of our players at risk,” Smith said.

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