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PAUL POGBA’s contract with Manchester United expired in the summer and he is likely to become a free agent.
Paul Pogba’s fitness coach is targeting Manchester United, who are reluctant to compete for a silver medal with the midfielder, who is set to leave this summer. When Pogba returned to Old Trafford in 2016 at the then world record of £ 89 million, he was excited about what he could achieve at the club.
Pogba showed his talent at United, but he fought for stability.
The Frenchman has been widely criticized for being below his mark and is now more likely to leave at the end of the season.
Several clubs are currently vying for Pogba, one of the best midfielders in world football.
Ralph Rangnik made a surprise announcement in January that Pogba would try to impress his potential rivals in the coming months.

Paul Pogba is set to become a free agent

“My manager’s contract is also coming to an end this summer. We have the same goal.”
“We look forward to success in the next three to four months.”
He added: “Even if it was enough to make a new deal elsewhere, he would be willing to do it. Why shouldn’t I play with him?”
Pogba’s fitness coach has now “confirmed” that the Frenchman’s contract will expire in June.
Coach Maddie has also been cunningly dug up United as they have not been able to compete regularly for the trophy lately.
“As for Pogba, he will no longer be a Manchester United player at the end of June,” he told Calciomercato.
“I think it’s right to look elsewhere, maybe Manchester also want to update themselves and the smartest thing is to break up.
“For Pogba and Manchester, the time will come when there will be new challenges, new emotions, new environments, new experiences, different experiences, and maybe they will both be happy.

Ralph Rangnik seems to have agreed to let Paul Pogba go

Right now I think he’s enjoying it, they have a good team, especially since Ronaldo decided to come back.
“The problem is that there are no results. The best player doesn’t waste time in small competitions, but wants to be motivated to play for an ambitious trophy.
“Paul can return to Juventus, he has a good relationship with the Bianconeri, but he can also be at PSG. I think PSG need a midfielder like him, he can go and play in France.
“At Real Madrid, I will cut him, because Zidane is gone, he would only leave in that case. For now, Juventus or PSG, but you never know what will happen, we will see.”

PSG are urging Al Khalifa to leave the club after leaving the club

Pochettino has been “difficult to sleep” since the Bernabeu crash

Paris Saint-Germain’s fan group announced on Saturday that Qatari club president Nasser Al-Khalifa should resign after being expelled from Real Madrid in the French Champions League.
Collectif Ultras Paris (CUP) wrote on social media, “Management is resigning,” and urged supporters to “show their dissatisfaction … without violence” during Sunday’s Ligue 1 match against Bordeaux.
PSG lost for the fourth time in six consecutive seasons against 13-time European champions Real Madrid in Spain on Wednesday.
“We know what the return (at the top level) owes to (club) president Nasser Al-Khalifa, there is nothing personal here, but it is clear that he is not the right person for the position,” the group wrote.
Al-Khalifa is also the chairman of beIN Media Group and Qatar Sports Investments, and is involved in rocket sports in Qatar.
“The situation at the club now needs to be completely restructured at all levels, with the president present every day,” continued the parachute group CUP for various PSG fan groups.
Although PSG won seven of their nine Ligue 1 titles under the Qatari hosts in 2011, they have failed many times in their European ambitions.
The Ulaanbaatar club have reached the knockout stages of the Champions League for 10 consecutive seasons and have only qualified for the competition five times in their history.
Last year, Lionel Messi, Gianluigi Donnarumma, Sergio Ramos and Giorgione Vijnaldum were all critical of the club’s management and sporting director Leonardo when they recruited a player who they described as “a cluster of stars with little or no common ground”.
The players also exploded for not keeping their promises.
“We are going to express our frustration against Bordeaux this Sunday and we want all the club’s fans to join us in our activities without violence,” the CUP added.
“We will remain mobilized until real big changes happen.”
Ligue 1 leaders PSG have been aiming to win the league since they left the French Cup early.

Pochettino “hard to sleep” after the collapse of PSG in Madrid
Paris Saint-Germain coach Mauricio Pochettino has said he is “having a hard night’s sleep” after his side lost to Champions League side Real Madrid on Saturday, but said they wanted to quell their “anger” in Ligue 1. competitors.
With less than half an hour to go, the French champions led Real Madrid by two goals in the last 16 of the week.
However, Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick, adding that PSG collapsed at the hands of Barcelona in 2017 and Manchester United in 2019.
“How do I feel? I’m very upset,” Pochettino told a news conference ahead of Sunday’s Premier League clash with Bordeaux.
“I’m angry, I’m feeling uncomfortable. It’s hard to sleep at night. But we have to take responsibility and keep thinking about the league.
“Personally and emotionally, I’m in a recovery phase. That doesn’t mean I’m not strong. I’m ready to fight and overcome this challenge.”
For the first time since taking charge of Qatar in 2011, PSG’s resignation was seen by PSG officials as the last European failure.
They said they would hold a rally at the Park de Prince on Sunday.
PSG have reached the knockout stages of the Champions League in each of the last 10 seasons and have qualified for the competition only five times in their history.
“Tomorrow will be the atmosphere our fans want,” Pochettino admitted. “We understand their frustration. They have the right to express their feelings.”
The capital club still holds the record for the 10th French title, 13 points behind second-placed Nice.
“The last few days have been difficult,” Pochettino added. “We didn’t rest much to regain our energy,” he said.
“But we have a huge responsibility to finish the season best. We have to win the championship.”

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