Pep Guardiola “offers £ 10m a year” to leave Manchester City to become Brazil coach – Indepediente Daily Sports News


Pep Guardiola is currently trying to win the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup with Manchester City, but the former Barcelona boss has offered the Brazilian coach his dream job.

Pep Guardiola has offered the opportunity to take the first step of his “dream” in international football, and Brazil is ready to pay him 10 million pounds a year to become a new coach.
The Manchester City boss has always expressed his desire to play internationally, and the famous Selecao is considered his dream choice. Guardiola has been named his successor after current coach Tito confirmed his resignation after the World Cup in Qatar, according to Marca.
The former Barcelona boss has offered him a four-year deal, prompting the CBF to remove him from the Etihad Stadium and reward him after talks with Pepe’s brother, agent Pere Guardiola. As for when Guardiola can travel to South America, Selecao will probably wait until the end of his contract with City in the summer of 2023.
Brazil then hopes to lead Guardiola until at least the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The 51-year-old was scheduled to officiate the 2024 Copa America in Ecuador and was tested on his name when asked about international management prospects.
“The next step will be the national team, yes, if the opportunity arises,” Guardiola said at the start of the season. “I have to take a break after seven years (at City). I have to stop and watch and learn from other players, maybe this will be my way.… I want to coach in Europe, Copa America, Copa America. World Cup.”
Asked specifically about Brazil’s famous team, Guardiola said: “It’s a great team. Brazil has always been a strong candidate or a favorite. He has always been and always will be.”

Tite will step down as Brazil coach after the World Cup

But in January, the Catalan coach admitted that he was not thinking about future work before the City draw in Southampton. Guardiola said: “I’m not a big fan of the future when I have a contract.” “I’m thinking about Southampton, my future always depends on the results, so it’s not enough to think far into the future.
“So I’m not worried for a moment [in the future]. I feel protected here. I’m feeling good and comfortable, they’ve given me everything. I like working with these players. I hope they like working with us. That’s it. Southampton, take a break and move on. We’ll see what happens at the end of the season. “
“I will go to the end of the World Cup. I have no reason to lie here. I don’t want to win anything. I have won everything in my career and the only thing missing is a world champion,” Tito told SportTV about his future as Brazil coach.

Everton News Live – Mussa Niakhat Interested, Alan Stubbs Fear, Neville Southall Demonstration Call
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Everton’s Richardson is happy after scoring against Burnley

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Everton are interested in signing Mainz defender Moussa Niakhati, while striker Moyes Keane’s future is rumored.

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Southall called on Everton players to “be more squeamish”

Former Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall

“Just be a scooter and we’ll be fine,” Neville Southall advised Everton’s struggling stars today.
The Blues’ hero said it was important for the club to be positive and look forward to the remaining nine games more than the previous result. Frank Lampard told the players that he needed to show the “passion and passion” that the fans were showing because he was confident the team was strong enough to stand up.
Southall also trusted Jordan Pickford, handed over the captain’s armband when he lost to Burnley on Wednesday, saying he believed it was the subject of a “witch hunt” and helped Dominic Calvert-Lewin find his form. “At the moment, we are a team of players who are too easy to win.”
Speaking to Sky Sports News after Everton’s loss to Burnley, Southall said he was disappointed. He said: “I don’t think the overall performance was too bad. We just made a stupid mistake. And in our current position, mistakes cost us dearly. I hope you win if you score two goals at home.”
Gordon’s incomplete participation in the goal celebration shows that there is smoke

Everton lost to Maxwell Cornet in a relegation bout at Turf Moore Stadium.

As the players battled for an exciting game, the nerves of the two teams’ supporters crawled onto the pitch. With five goals, two penalties and a VAR call, the Blues seem to be running away from him for a long time, but there’s a lot to differentiate him from a game that’s close to the problem.
Gordon’s “disappointment” during Richardson’s celebration
After Richardson’s first penalty, a few players were celebrating when television cameras saw an interesting scene. The goal was scored by Dominic Calvert-Lewin and Abdulae Dukur.
Anthony Gordon, who took a penalty kick to put Ashley Westwood in a chaotic test, also joined the crowd.
However, Gordon’s gesture above the field looked frustrated that the other players did not try to participate in the celebration, which was an important goal at the time.
The day of doom is approaching for Everton

Alan Stubbs

Former Goodison favorite Alan Stubbs has given a rough picture of Everton’s chances of surviving the Premier League, but Saturday’s game against Manchester United did not go unnoticed.
In an interview with Sky Sports News, he said: “As an Everton fan, it’s really sad right now. Everton have surprised us in the past with unexpected results. I wouldn’t be surprised if they achieved results on Saturday, but I’m not very hopeful.
“It’s great for Everton to be in that position at this stage of the season.”
Anichebe focuses on Everton’s controversy

Victor Anichebe is happy after scoring against FC Metalist Kharkiv in the UEFA Cup match between Metallist Kharkov and Everton.

Victor Anichebe has slammed Everton’s management after Wednesday’s defeat to Burnley was a blow to their hopes of retaining Premier League status.
“I apologize if you don’t respond tonight. I’m just not worried. So … the players are responsible in the first place. But Everton’s board is terrible. Their money is their money.” , Marcel Brands did not allow him to do his job, brought Rafa and lost all contact with the fans and the club.
“Then – Lampard (a good coach) was appointed, but it was pointless to appoint him when you knew you were in a difficult battle and a relegation battle … he got Allig as a luxury player … a relegation battle .. .wonderful. If something doesn’t happen tonight, they’ll fall 100%. It’s 60% right now. Keep your faith. “
The national media is embracing Burnley’s defeat


Following last night’s loss to Everton Burnley at Turf Moore Stadium, the national media shared their assessment of the Blue team’s current situation.
Ian Herbert wrote in the Mail Online: “It’s hard to say whether the cold sweat or the drizzle of Lancashire is sticking Frank Lampard’s hair on his forehead, but these moments of despair will keep him a little awake. Time, from now until the end of the season. It’s for Everton. There was an opportunity to open the gap between three teams, such as Burnley.
Instead, their defensive fragility was once again exposed, allowing Maxwell Cornet to score at home five minutes later, leaving Lampard and his side still in contention for relegation.
“Some perspectives on this outcome. Burnley have won just two games at the stadium since January 2020. However, the winning goal said everything Lampard was struggling to regain the toughness and energy of the football he once played. The first ball from the left wing. The cross as a result of a semi-test. Cornet is a great purchase and came from this old place to lift the roof. “
The Burnley boss insisted Everton were failing at half-time

Sean Ditch

Sean Dyche admitted to Burnley’s players that he had helped them turn the tide by making a terrifying statement about Everton’s away game at half-time.
Wednesday’s game against Turf Moore was a crucial game in which the Blues won 2-1, lost 3-2 and were relegated. Goals from Nathan Collins, Jay Rodriguez and Maxwell Cornet were enough to give the hosts one point away from Premier League table Frank Lampard.
After the game, the Warrior admitted that he emphasized that Everton had a great away side when they were late for the break. The Blues scored just six points in the 2021/22 season, winning their last Premier League title away from Goodison Park in August at Brighton.
The Burnley manager said: “It was a difficult game for a reason. It was a great start for us, we scored and then it changed from a sudden penalty kick.
“We lost our form, we lost our basic position. Then they take a second. We talked to the players for half an hour to look back at the real picture and the overall picture of the season.
“I think I scored six points in the 42nd away game. I reminded the players of that. We were there ourselves, it’s hard to get out of it, it’s hard to find confidence and trust in the game.
“We were there to go and reveal it, and we just did. We found important moments.”

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