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Noah Grevif played a multifaceted role on both sides of Albemarle’s ball throughout his Patriots career.

The sophomore played a new role on Friday night, with the Patriots beating Orange County in Porterfield Park 44-0.

Grepney ran the 89-meter dash, made two assists in the 34-meter dash, and remained undefeated in the Albermarle Jefferson district.

“We knew what this kid could do from the first day of training a year ago,” said Albemarle football coach Brandon Isaiah. “We [Ebenezer McCarthy] have a great player. So we try to get him on the field and get the ball in a different way. That’s our privilege of being with such talented kids. If we can’t play, we’ll grow up like him.”

McCarthy, who has made more than 750 yards and eight shots in his first four games, was in uniform on Friday night, but sat side by side and watched Grefife and Albemarl attack.


“None of the coaches were nervous,” Isaiah said of Greifif in the lead role. “We knew we were going to have a great night tonight. It’s just a matter of what he did. He’s a big part of what we’re going to do in this crime. So for me, I just see him doing what he can. I’m happy. “
Albemarle (4-1, 2-0 Jefferson District) scored in his first drive thanks to Amage Parker’s hand and foot. Parker hurriedly ran 45 yards and then completed the drive with a 15-yard TD pass to TaeVeon Wilson, leading the Patriots 7-0 and remaining 3:09 in the first quarter.
Wilson then made a defensive attack from the 21st in the fourth and took the ball back to Albemarle. In response to the Patriots’ offense, he drove a 12-yard, 79-meter dash with a six-notch strike, leaving 7:32 in the first half to take a 14-0 lead.

Just half an hour later, Grevifen rediscovered the finish line, this time with a 24-yard shot from Parker, leading the Patriots 21-0 and losing 1:52.

“To this day, no one has been able to stop me in this state that has touched my mind,” Greaves said. “I felt like I did it.”

The third season was similar to the Albemarle offense, which took over the first possession. Parker recaptured Wilson 9-0 with a 20-0 shot from 28-0.

Albemarle’s attack continued in the third period. Parker led the Patriots 35-0 from 13 yards out with a 3:53 lead.

AHS defender Caleb Burtram took action when he fired Orange County defender Paul Poirier in the final zone for safety and a 37-0 record. Albemarle’s defense limited Poirier to just 15 meters on the ground and 127 meters in the air. In total, the Patriots committed a crime against the Hornets only 167 meters away.
“We have a lot of discipline and a lot of hard work,” Bertram said. “It was just staying home and focusing on the guys doing their homework tonight. Sounds great. It’s a good feeling to know that you agreed to zero points. “

After a free-kick from safety, Jake King returned the shot from 60 yards out, and the Patriots’ special teams moved in, giving Albemarle a 44-0 lead.

Parker is back on another great night of attacking against Albemarle. The sophomore defender ran 131 yards, shot, threw 165 yards and scored three points. Wilson also had a broken game and finished with a double.

Albemarle host Western Albemarle next week in an unbeaten home game. Orange County will travel to “The Jungle” to meet rival Louise County.

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