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The Best and Worst of 2021 – Showcases Culture War, Dogs, and the Massive Third Leg

Boris Johnson makes clear his unwavering support for the England football team. Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty 

The Best and Worst of 2021 – Showcases Culture War, Dogs, and the Massive Third Leg

Quote from the year
MP Lee Anderson shrugged off critics in July after his boycott of England fell out of favor. Anderson, who called players who have gotten to their knees at the European Championships an “attack on our way of life,” said he wasn’t bothered by being mocked: “I don’t go on Twitter because it’s full of idiots.”

Engaging also last summer, but with a more nuanced view:

Boris Johnson, who rejected “gestures and symbols” of England’s anti-racism players in June before they started winning – then stood on the giant anti-racist St George’s Cross in July with extra England pennants.
Priti Patel, endorsed the players’ boos in June over the cheap “politics of gestures” for players, then donned the English uniform in July to criticize “despicable” racists.

Conservative MP Brendan Clark Smith compared England’s knee-jerk players to players performing the Nazi salute in 1938 – then displayed a C’Mon England mural on Twitter.
rise above it all
The then-education secretary, Gavin Williamson, was sitting down with the Evening Standard in September to re-launch himself after a series of gaffes. Standard: “Many of his critics were notable, including Marcus Rashford who called for an urgent review of free school meals. Did he meet the footballer?” We met via Zoom and he seemed incredibly engaged, compassionate and charming but then had to shoot . I didn’t want to be the one who was stopping him from training him. Later Williamson told me he had already met rugby player Maru Itogi, not Rashford.

Plus: Other Big Diversity Champions of the Year
UEFA – Moved to “send a clear signal” in April by banning Slavia Prague’s Ondrej Kudela for 10 games for racism, and Rangers’ Glen Kamara for three games for his reaction to it.
BorisJohnson – I staggered again in November over news that people in the past have used offensive racist language. A testament to courage from a great companion. I commend him for speaking out. There is no excuse for racism anywhere in society.”
Juventus women announced their apologies in August after tweeting a photo with matching emojis of defender Cecilia Salvai using her fingers to narrow her eyes. Juventus clarification: “This tweet was not intended to have any racial significance.”
The Serbian Volleyball Federation apologized after Sanja Djordjevic did the same in a match against Thailand, four years after the entire team took a photo doing so in Japan. “We sincerely apologize. But please, don’t spoil this disproportionately! Sanja did not mean any disrespect.”

Lazio – Amazon Prime is demanding the removal of a “hateful” scene in Maradona’s drama where the main character refers to Lazio as “fascists”. The club said the scene – broadcast a month after an eagle-mascot coach gave the fascist salute as fans sang a hymn saluting Mussolini as Mussolini’s grandson achieved the first-team breakthrough – had “clear libelous intent”.

But – a personal breakthrough for this year
Nigel_Farage In September he finally found a Roman family he was living next door to. “A world star is born. EmmaRaducanu winning the US Open – it’s really unbelievable.”

Sports Politics Awards
This year’s fans ally

Boris Johnson – Defended fans by criticizing the European Premier League ‘cartel’ in April and threatening a ‘legislative bomb’ to stop it, days after Manchester United’s Ed Woodward left No. 10 with the ‘impression that Johnson supports it’. Source #10: “Boris doesn’t know much about football so he said it was a great idea. So Dan (Rosenfeld, chief of staff) told the No. 10 clubs they wouldn’t stand in their way. Then it all started…”

Most everywhere
Premier League: New owners charter launched in August to “protect the integrity of our game”, and to commit owners to the “fundamental principles” of fair play, equality and human rights, two months before the Newcastle takeover is signed.

Premier League: Comfortable rules for Saudi Arabia, but not for the charity shelter for the homeless, who wanted clubs to wear kits on Boxing Day. “Clubs have the right to support charitable causes…provided they are in line with the rules of the Premier League.”

Plus: honorable mention of
Premier League: Support the first carbon-neutral #GameZero match in September “to raise awareness of the threat of climate change and inspire fans to make simple changes to reduce their carbon footprint”, a week before contributors hold new talks about organizing “meaningful” matches abroad – “A new attempt to develop the game”.

General clarification
It came from the organizers of the Olympics in Japan – they distributed 160,000 free condoms to athletes in June with a warning not to use them. Organizers said anyone engaging in “unnecessary forms of physical contact” amid strict Covid rules could face fines or deportation: “Condoms are not intended to be used in the Olympic Village.”

UEFA’s rainbow badge will be launched in June in a bid to stem a series of difficult headlines for UEFA


Unauthorised rainbow flag action at Germany v Hungary, 23 June. Photograph: Matthias Hangst

Worst PR moment
She came to the Europa Conference League in December – the tournament was already struggling for credibility before Partizan’s warm-up dog invaded Belgrade and made a pitch while staring at the camera. 3.3m watch.

general achievement
It was implemented by CONCACAF in September after Ronnie Brunswick – 61-year-old Suriname vice-president, former rebel leader, bank robber, father of fifty, convicted drug dealer and owner of Inter Muengotapu – named him captain in a CONCACAF league match. Brunswijk played for an hour at Ronnie Brunswijkstadion’s court, stopping himself and then distributing cash to opponents. Concacaf said the incident raised “integrity concerns” and, after “consideration of written statements”, he was banned.

Plus: Best Annual Sports Governance Traditions
Sepp Blatter, 85, has denied any wrongdoing. “What can you do against the international media… People should realize that I spent 41 years in FIFA. They should appreciate what I did for football.” September 2021 festive message: “I am not a criminal.”

Social Media Awards
The most important corporate mistakes in 2021
April: Tottenham’s new paint partner DuluxUK has apologized after tweeting mocking Tottenham at upsetting their fan base: “These posts do not reflect how proud we are to be the official paint supplier.”
November: Tottenham announce their new Italian coach in Spanish, remove him and try again.
July: Tottenham communicated their bold, multi-coloured group with a tweet: “Describe this group in one word.” 3400 people did.
August: Everton tweeted a eulogy video for fans who died in the pandemic, after they failed to screen online applications, leading to a tribute to Faye Knoss and Mike Oxsmull.
July: Adidas uses an image of Millie Turner to launch their new Manchester United kit under the slogan “Never forget where you come from”, reading “Amy Turner”.
And in March, Manchester United’s social media operator Instagram was started by mistake. 37,000 fans watched their lunch in the microwave.
The purest non-league tweet
From @CurzonAshton’s in-play feed, Nov 27: “15, pause in play as the referee needs to move his car.” Runners-up: November 13, MarineAFC: “Thank you to @dunstonutsfc Philip Turnbull for trying to fix our floodlights.”

general view
The Neighbors were in the Closed Marines watching Spurs win 5-0 in January. @Cmcm1991: “I’m watching Gareth Bale leaning out of my window. Not real”; Bill sent an emoji waving. The Navy sold 30,697 virtual tickets for £10 each.

Growth Industry of the Year
Excellence within 12 months of sports washing:

Arsenal: Refusing to make poor choices in March after taking £40m from the Rwandan regime denying serial human rights abuses and alarming poverty figures: ‘We have worked together to challenge perceptions and tell Rwanda’s story of culture, heritage and transition – as well as raising awareness of the country as a luxury holiday destination.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino: starring in a video of the Saudi government in January performing a ceremonial sword dance and telling the camera: “This country is amazing, incredible, the world has to come and see.” “Participation is the best way to bring about change,” Infantino told critics.
and David Beckham, who signed a deal said to be £150m to expand the Qatari brand. “By signing with David, we hope more Westerners will be encouraged to see Qatar’s beautiful beaches, vast expanses of sand dunes and stunning skyscrapers,” a source told The Sun.
Press Awards
False news of the year
BT Sport, October 22: “There has been speculation about you Stephen, what would you say to those who associate you with a move away from Rangers?” Steven Gerrard: “Do I look happy? Do I look stable? Don’t ask me silly questions then.” November 11: Join Villa.
January 20: Massimo Cellino, former owner of Brescia Leeds club, moves to get rid of his unfair media image by extending new coach David Dionigi’s contract until 2022 to ensure proper stability. February 4th: He was dismissed.
October 28: Norwich sporting director Stuart Webber makes “disgraceful” headlines about Daniel Farke. Questioning Daniel at this point would be incredibly unfair. This is not about focusing on one man.” November 6: Focus on one man.

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