Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin gets fan $20 for spilled beer

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Dylan Larkin, certified bro

Dylan Larkin, certified bro
Photo: Getty Images

There are few things more important in life than a beer you just bought at a sporting event. People are so desperate to get the tiniest of buzzes going that they’ll drop a whole Andrew Jackson on some watered-down alcohol. Thus, spilling that beer would be an absolute tragedy, fit for Shakespeare in the park. That’s why when Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin spooked a fan during pre-game warm-ups, causing the fan to spill his beer into he and his date’s laps, Larkin made an effort to get the man his money back.

He didn’t have to. Larkin is there to be the entertainment that the fans pay for. He’s the captain of one of the most historic franchises in American sports. Plus, fans spill their concessions all the time. It happens more often in baseball games when fans frantically reach for foul balls in their vicinity, but still it happens pretty regularly at other events, too. Larkin had no obligation to pay that man the money he lost, yet his conscience wouldn’t let him walk away.

Instead, Larkin took the captain title to a whole new level. He’s not just looking out for his teammates; he’s looking out for anyone who steps foot in Little Caesars Arena. Larkin knows that when he’s wronged someone, he needs to make it up to them.

I’ve never met Larkin’s parents, but man, they raised him right. What a solid dude! But it’s not just Larkin who’s been seen making up for a fan’s spilled beer lately. A little more than a week ago, Golden State Warriors’ combo guard Gary Payton II was mic’d up for his team’s game against the Indiana Pacers.

While leaning up against some railing, Payton accidentally knocked a fan’s beer over and immediately ran over to a team official asking him to get that fan another Truly. I don’t know what it is about spilling alcohol, but people just seem to understand that that’s not something you can do and walk away from. You HAVE TO get them another drink! It’s just common courtesy, but still, seeing these athletes go out of their way to ensure their fans have great experiences at their games…it warms the heart.

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