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The Chelsea and England brothers will both play at Wembley this weekend, with Reese and Thomas Tuchel taking on Chelsea on Saturday before Lauren and Emma Hayes meet the Blues on Sunday.

The James brothers are both fighting for the FA Cup glory this weekend

Reese and Lauren James will be swapping junior ball games in FA Cup history this weekend.
Chelsea’s brothers and sisters could become the first brothers and sisters to win the FA Cup. Thomas Tuchel’s side face Liverpool in Saturday’s FA Cup final against Manchester City and Emma Hayes will face Manchester City in Wembley on Sunday. From Blues fans to Chelsea and England stars, the James brothers set the standard for Stamford Bridge.
“If we had tried to get the ball from Reese when we were younger, he wouldn’t have wanted me to win the ball,” Lauren James said. “And it’s obviously frustrating to me. Such a small situation is unique in retrospect.”
Successful coaches have helped Nigel James Rees and Lauren make a name for themselves, run their own academy, and start countless high-profile careers.
Nigel led these extra trainings as a child, and Reese James was quick to applaud his father’s influence, but ignored the opportunity to open up his rivalry with his younger brother, Laurent.
Reese James said, “Every brother and sister will have an advantage in this competition. “We always want to do our best for each other and for ourselves.

The James family reunites at Stamford Bridge in 2020

This has definitely brought us to where we are today. Of course, it didn’t make us worse, but that’s what I have to say about it!
“My father has had a huge impact on our current situation and he is very proud that we grew up representing and supporting Chelsea.

“So it’s a good feeling to support them now. We’ve both worked very hard in football to reach our current level. We’re really proud of the success he’s had with his coach, the academy and so many young players.

Reese James became a star again at the club and took his game to new heights
Lauren helped Chelsea win the women’s super league last week

“It’s one thing to give a chance, it’s another to seize an opportunity. It’s hard to keep it in front, but it’s probably harder to hold it with both hands and not let it go.
“And I’m just trying not to miss the opportunity. If we can both do it, it’s going to be a great piece of history this weekend, but we can do it one step at a time.
“We’re both looking forward to the weekend and our goal is to win two trophies.”
Chelsea won the league title for the third time in a row, beating Manchester United 4-2 at the Kingsmidou Stadium last weekend. Now boss Hayes is hoping to make his Laurel James Wembley debut as the FA Cup team continues to increase its number of trophies.
“It’s a big event at Wembley, but I have to see it like any other game, but it’s a special moment,” he said.
“The goal is always to win a trophy, and for that you have to focus. If you allow distraction, it can come on the field. We don’t allow distraction, we have a good group to focus on.”

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