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The Manchester United legend has had his say on Arsenal centre-back William Saliba – the defender everyone is talking about after his long-awaited start to life at the Emirates.

Arsenal star William Saliba has again called for patience from the Rio Ferdinand crowd after being subbed off at half-time in France’s 2-0 defeat to Denmark.

It was a rare low for Saliba to date since his impressive debut with the Gunners three years after his permanent switch from Saint-Etienne. The centre-back kept a clean sheet in almost every game he played and even scored two goals himself, which is higher than many players who have played a more attacking role than him.

However, things did not go to plan at the Parken Stadium as Les Bleus were held to a surprise 2-0 deficit. Saliba’s first-half performance was so poor in the eyes of national team captain Didier Deschamps that he was not given a chance to redeem himself after the break.

“Give him [Saliba] a chance, he’s a young player,” insisted Ferdinand, discussing the decision to drop Saliba soon.

This echoes a point previously suggested in response to Ferdinand’s comparison of the pair. Given Saliba’s impressive technical skills for such a young man, it didn’t take long for fans and pundits to call him “the next Ferdinand”.

The United legend wasn’t too polite to discuss those links, insisting the defender call time, but he didn’t need a second chance to remind listeners how his own success at that age dwarfed Saliba’s.

William Saliba started well for Arsenal

“How old is he? How many Premier League games did he play? How many Premier League games did I play then? I broke the British transfer record at the time and people are comparing? It’s crazy! Give the boy time. Give him time give it!” Ferdinand told Vibe with five.

“He’s doing well. Listen, you don’t judge players when things are going well. You say ‘great’ and I like to see the next phase. When things go against you and you’re a little bit down, I still am. I want to see the chest come out. I want to look back over my shoulder.”

The former Old Trafford star explained just how far the Young Gunners have to go before they can be remembered alongside someone with a CV he can boast of at this age, but if that wasn’t enough of a reality check, recent comments from Saliba and Deschamps will do.

Analyzing the defenders’ efforts and the team as a whole after the defeat to Denmark, the French boss said: “This is a young French team, most of the players are inexperienced at a very high level.

“It’s not a question of formation, but when you have four corners and the Danish player is left alone, you can play with three, five or twelve, it doesn’t change anything.”

Rio Ferdinand demanded time out from the defenders

His last words were perhaps the most cut-throat if read as if Deschamps saw his young players as nothing more than stopgaps until the senior professionals returned.

“Obviously we have young, quality players who are learning, but the most important thing is to recover all the important, experienced players in the two months.”

There is no doubt that Saliba is a talented player with great potential. Arsenal fans have been delighted with his start to the season, but Ferdinand and Deschamps, especially the defender himself, should take note.

Saliba’s story is far from over, and how he reacts to France’s latest — and perhaps his biggest — setback will speak volumes for the centre-back’s character.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Premier League stars set to boost extra income after tax cuts

Ronaldo is the Premier League’s highest-paid footballer and the Manchester United superstar will be pleased with the decision made by Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng last week.

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to significantly increase his take-home pay

Cristiano Ronaldo is set to receive a huge boost in income after the Government’s decision to cut top tax and national insurance contributions.

The Manchester United superstar is understood to be on a £510,000 salary following his return to Old Trafford last summer. This equates to a total income of £26.5m, which is a remarkable figure given the current cost of living crisis.

Almost half of this income goes directly to HM Revenue and Customs, with Ronaldo paying £12.78m in tax on his wages alone. That was until Prime Minister Liz Truss and Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng announced major changes to Britain’s tax code last Friday.

As part of the changes, the 45 per cent surtax band on those earning more than £150,000 will be removed entirely. Instead, the top rate of 40 per cent, which is levied on incomes above £50,271, will remain.

The basic income tax rate was also reduced from 20 percent to 19 percent in April, and the 1.25 percent increase in national insurance, which was implemented earlier this year, was approved to be repealed from November 6.

Football financial analyst Kieran Maguire said the change would mean Ronaldo would earn an extra £1.3m. While defending Ronaldo’s huge salary, Maguire questioned whether the government was taking the right approach.

Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s small budget is good news for Premier League footballers.

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s take-home costs will increase by around £1.3m over 12 months, which is a lot of money. I will always defend a footballer’s wages. We live in a market-based environment,” Maguire said.

“It’s a short career and most players don’t have the money to focus on people like me who can show the strange benefits that this can bring. I’m sure that wasn’t Kwasi’s driving force. Kwarteng’s decision-making, however, shows his influence.

“The issue of taxes alone is not that important, but what will happen is: there will be a significant increase in net wages, and you have to ask yourself what will happen in this situation? Will it have a positive effect on the economy?

“Ronaldo gets £1.3m. He’ll save that because he can take home a lot of money. But if you take 1,000 hourly workers at Manchester United, you could argue they’ll spend an extra £1,300 each. That’s the nature of income distribution. , poor people spend because they cannot save”.

According to The Times, the average Premier League player’s earnings will increase by around £240,000 thanks to the change, which is not good news for Ronaldo. The average player earns £4m a year in the region, with top stars paying a combined £1.4billion in tax, a figure which will drop by £70m when the changes come into effect.

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