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Roy Keane, who has been in charge of Manchester United for more than a decade, admits that he struggled to stay in touch with the younger generation until his time at Old Trafford.
Roy Keane has admitted that he has “rarely talked” with his Manchester United team in his last days at Old Trafford.
The struggling midfielder won the trophy with the Red Devils for 12 years, during which time he won the Premier League title seven times.
He also bridged the gap between the team that won Sir Alex Ferguson’s first title and the team that dominated him in recent years.
Keane, who has been in decline for many years, has admitted that he has not been able to get some of his young teammates, including Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand.

Roy Keane’s confrontational attitude took him from the field to the studio

Rooney and Ferdinand were the two players behind United’s last win, but they seemed to be of a different generation than the senior midfielder.
The fiery Irishman admitted that he was a little annoyed by the end of his time at the club and struggled to keep the new stars warm tomorrow.
In one such case, Rooney switched channels and set up X-Factor, prompting the couple to choose some words.
“Of course we didn’t argue, I’ll tell you,” Keane told Sky Sports’ football show. ‘I like rugby, yes, I wasn’t happy when someone changed channels.
“But we didn’t argue about it. The next day, when I went down for breakfast, Wayne said, ‘Did you find the leadership?’

“So I told him where to go. God help us if there’s an argument. I didn’t respect Wayne because he wanted to stand up to me and watch The X Factor.”
“I had a lot of respect for Wayne because I thought he was a great player.
“I’m not saying he was warm, I didn’t like him. But that guy has a different wave, a different joke, and if hiding the leadership was his joke … not for me. “

Keane admitted that it was difficult to be close to Wayne Rooney, who was 14 years younger than him.

Keane left Old Trafford after scolding some of his teammates in public, and he said he was struggling to stay close during his last days at the club.
“Near the end, I remember thinking I wouldn’t get some boys,” he continued. “I don’t understand their jokes. I rarely talked to anyone.
‘There were a lot of players when I left. The game changed, and maybe I was a little annoyed, a little old school.
“I didn’t understand Wayne and Rio, I didn’t understand their jokes and sometimes what they supported. It must have been a private matter.
‘The game has changed and I’ve changed along the way, but I haven’t always been able to get players because United have been coming in lately.
“Personally, they didn’t suit me. Of course, they were very good players. I enjoyed playing with them, but joking with them or drinking a cup of coffee? Don’t forget that.”

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