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The River Hawks get huge games from Hampton, Savage, and McCray, advancing 2-3 throughout the season.
The unbeaten start is starting to feel like a distant memory for the Skowhegan football team.

Rivin Hawks regained his composure and defeated the Dragons 61-14 at the Reginald Clark Memorial after opening on Friday night after overcoming the aftermath of an investigation into an attack on a Brazwick football team.

Marcus Hampton attacked twice and finished twice, while Quincy McCray had three shots, one of which came in at 84 yards, and Adam Savage led the River Hawks with five shots in 15 of 17 passes with 257 yards. The outcome of the investigation was not clear at first.

The Brunswick High players fell to their knees in the finish line ahead of Friday night’s game against Scohegan.

“We didn’t know we were coming in earlier in the week and they said ‘we’re playing’,” said Scogane coach Ryan Libby. “We” Well, we need to tighten up and make sure we do. “That said. We did exactly that.”
After a 0-3 start with 22 points, Scohegan won twice in a row with 121-14 points.
“(After three defeats we had to start) we just wanted to win. It made us hungry,” McCray said. “That’s what we’re doing right now and it’s motivating us to win.”

As a result of the investigation, Brunswick started new players, including defenders, center, defensive end, hard end and defender. Junior Quin McCaffrey is starting his first career behind the center, and off-field news is “a serious distraction”.

“We struggled. We had a lot of guys who didn’t train until this week. Taking everything into account, I think we worked very well,” he said. “Scogan is a great team. I felt like I was ready. The coaches do a lot of things in practice, they are the second series and the JV players are prepared to play public football.”

Nate Brunette filled Brunswick’s first game as head coach two weeks later, declining to say why the players were absent.

“They went out, played and fought. That’s what we have to do,” he said. “It takes a lot of courage to do what they did,” he said. … We were happy to be on the field again. “

The Dragons had a problem with two mid-season wrinkled Skowhegan offenses. One was a cross-pass, cross-pass game, which allowed Savage to open a Skowhegan goal a few yards after getting a quick throw at Brunswick.

“The screen has always been an important part of our game plan,” Libby said. “The Oxford Hills really closed it in the third week, so Lawrence did the right thing. He finally came back. It was for us, so we were able to take advantage.”

Another thing is to move Hampton vertically from the rod. He had six assists in the 81 meters.

Brunswick defender Quinn McCaffrey (8) rolled Dalton Cooper (48) back against Scohegan during a football game in Scohegan on Friday night.

“That’s exactly what happened this year,” said Hampton, who missed the second and third games of the season. “We got some injuries. The transition was very easy for me because I used to play midfield.”

Scoring began during the first game, and Savage found McCrae (three handles, 74 yards) in a 64-yard touchdown pass. After Wes Cooper (two interceptions) decided to finish Scohegan’s second drive, River Hawks took the ball in a row, with Hampton running 9.1m and leading 21-0.

McCray’s silent shot gave Brunswick a short break and the Dragons scored in Dalton Cooper’s 23-yard run, but Skowhegan’s juniors made up for it early in the game and took the lead, 28-6. .

“Sometimes it’s hard, but the coaches help me a lot with that,” McCray said. Say, “Just get rid of it and go to the next game.” “

The return was the last game of the first season. In the second half, Savage scored from 16, 12, 15 and 22 meters to give Hampton, McCray, Hampton and Drake Belanger a 54-6 lead.

Dalton Cooper made his second shot from 3 yards in Season 4. Brendan Dunlap’s 59-meter freestyle equalized for Scohegan.

“One hundred percent,” Hampton said. “We just had to find it. We knew we had it. We were sa

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