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Shakib al Hasan, captain of the Bangladesh test team After Bangladesh conceded 10 goals to the West Indies in their second Test at St Lucia on Monday (June 27), they admitted they needed to return to the drawing board to make long-term plans. Performing well in Test cricket, Shaquib was brought back to the top after Mominul Hake decided to leave the tour. Failed to change the destiny of the visitor. as his side were swept away by the hosts in a series of two Test matches.

in the past The disastrous batting performance in Test cricket appears to be a key issue for Bangladesh. And it continues in the Caribbean as well. Shaqib felt that was largely due to a lack of awareness of the game and the will to fight it to the end.

“Awareness of the game is important. And if we consider this test We concede goals before our drink breaks, lunch breaks, or before the rain comes. and if this is not the case The situation may be different. These things are part of the perception of the game. And what I felt in these two test matches We can’t show as many characters as we can. And we are not as strong as we should be,” Shakib said.

He also added that It is now time for Bangladesh to sit down together to plan, considering they have five months before their next test assignment. He doesn’t believe that things will change into a longer form unless they do so. Bangladesh will host India in December to play two Tests and three ODIs to be played in Dhaka and Chattograms.

“Look, we have to improve every department (not just football) if we want to win test matches. I think it’s good that we have a long gap. So I feel during this gap that people are interested in playing and wanting. Play test will work individually to improve. if no update There is no way we can do well. And no set of players will perform well if they are called. So if we can move forward by making plans with the existing set Players and three to four other players outside. I feel like we can do something good, otherwise it’s hard to make a big change from what has happened so far. So we have to make changes in a few areas and to do so. We have to change our thinking because it is important and we have work to do in this area. (changes accompanied by mental changes)

“Because now we have a gap of 5 months (before the series against India) so we can sit down and make a decision later after thinking for ourselves. If we can sit and agree on any matter and move forward and if we can do it for 1 and a half years, the results will be consistently good. It’s not said that you have to win the Test, and if you go against it on the international tour, that’s fine. The underdog team, New Zealand wins the Test Championship, but loses away from home as well as England, Australia and India. The idea is to not miss home; whether we draw or win the game and if we can improve this It would also allow us to play away from home because we might not win at that moment. But at least to play competitive cricket which is very important. So it is very important that we plan well when we play at home and d make sure we don’t lose even if it sounds optimistic. delete anything like that At least we can’t win or even we can’t. At least we ended the series with a draw,” he said.

Shakib also added that the lack of test cricket culture is one reason why cricketers prefer white ball cricket. claiming the need to change the situation

“I think you can’t blame all the players. (Not interested in testing) because our system is like that. When did you see that 30,000 or 25,000 fans were watching Test matches from the ground up while in England this happened every match so there was no test culture in our country before?

“But because it wasn’t there that wouldn’t happen. it’s not like that And it’s a big responsibility to change it. (Bring a culture of testing) and doing so if we can sit together and work after the plan has been made. It’s possible that something might have happened otherwise. I don’t think we can move forward much because we don’t have a culture. We have to make sure we play Tests well at home and consistently. when you do that You didn’t play well in a series or two.’ It won’t be a big problem, so it’s very important that we play well at home.

However, Shakib is confident that Bangladesh will return in the series against the West Indies. He said it was important to do well with the West Indies to keep them ahead of the Asia Cup and the ICC T20 World Cup.

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