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Evan Williams will give the Silver Series a chance to defend their Christmas crown at Camppton after they decide to overcome Saturday’s Betfair exchange barrier in Ascot.
The Llankarfan boss enjoyed the 2020 holiday season better than anyone else, successfully competing in the first-class hurdles at Camppton and the Welsh National Championships in Chapstow, along with Secret Relaxation.
Williams hopes that both of his consistent stars are still on their way to defending their respective titles, but both have acknowledged that they will have a more promising role than expected.
The Silver Streak failed to overcome the Christmas hurdles in the next four starts, including last month at the Fighting Fifth Bardle in Newcastle after eight laps behind Not So Sleepy and Epatante.
Williams said, “The Silver Series will cross the Christmas hurdle. I’ve been scratching him since Saturday. He’s going to Camppton Park on boxing day. I haven’t worked with him, but he will work this week. The plan is to protect him. His crown.
“He jumped terribly to Newcastle. He jumped as if his legs were tied – his jump and his last two runs were a problem and I can’t say I found the reason.”
“I think he’s getting older and smarter, and it’s been very difficult for him to work on the soft side of where he’s been running.
“I don’t think that’s the reason he jumped. He didn’t play in Game A this year.
“However, the road suited him and we are going back because he showed his best form.
“It’s great that he can come back and defend his crown. As the current owner, whether he wins, loses or draws, he deserves that opportunity.”

The Secret Reprieve, which last season justified its sponsorship to win the 3- and 3/4-mile Coral Wales national team under Adam Vege, became the 6-1 second favorite among sponsors on December 27th. .
“I hope the secret consolation goes straight to Chapstow,” Williams said.
“We don’t say we’re taking a course because we haven’t trained.
“I loved training under her belt and I think we will use it as a stepping stone to dating we know after Christmas.
“It was very difficult. We couldn’t meet him. The lack of rain affected not only him but also many grooms and horses.”
The Glamorgan Valley coach said Monday that he was still rejoicing in his success with Cole Cody after winning the Racing Post Gold Cup in Cheltenham on Saturday, but reiterated that Williams had postponed the 10-year-old’s plans.
“It was a wonderful weekend,” Williams said. “He has no plans. We’re just happy he won another big prize. It’s a very historic race, so it was a good race to win.
“Still, he doesn’t see anything. We’ll see how he comes out of the horse race and worry about everything else. He looks fine and got well.”
As the weekend draws to a close, Williams is looking forward to a two-way attack at the Virgin Beth Tommy Wittl Handicap Chase, one of the highlights of the seven-race Haydok Park card.
Both Fado Des Brosses and No Rematch are expected to make their first appearances of the season late on the road to Merseyside.
“Although he was eligible for the Welsh national competition, I want to go to Tommy Whittle with Fado Des Bros. on Saturday. He has played in two competitions without a return match.”

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