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Steve Pagliuca is in talks with many potential co-investors before the final bidding deadline next Monday; Bob Iger is one of the most famous people in the American entertainment industry; Four people are vying for Chelsea

Stamford Bridge is the home of Chelsea

The Boston Celtics have approached a number of wealthy businessmen, including former Walt Disney director Bob Iger, who owns the basketball team and supported Chelsea.
Sky News reports that Steve Pagliuca is in talks with a number of potential co-investors before the final bid for the Premier League club expires on Monday.
Pagliuka has been among the scandals since he became one of four players selected to buy Chelsea, who resigned as Disney’s chief executive in December, sources said.
On Tuesday, Iger’s level of financial commitment was uncertain, and a source said he may have decided not to participate in the auction at Stamford Bridge.
If he takes back Pagluca, he will add the most prestigious names in the American entertainment industry to the list of potential investors in last season’s Champions League winners.
The remaining four bidders are meeting with Chelsea board members, staff and Rhine Group club advisers in London this week.

Former Walt Disney director Bob Iger

The days ahead will be crucial in determining the Blues’ season, with Wednesday’s first Champions League quarter-final first leg against Real Madrid.
Chelsea supporters have said they did not contact Pagluca a week before the end of the bid.
Earlier this week, a consortium of Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, led by the Ricketts family of Chicago Cubs owners, and hedge fund billionaire Ken Griffin unveiled a number of promises to Blues fans, including a promise never to play in the revived European Super League. project.

Other bidders believe they have submitted details of their commitments to CST, but have chosen not to disclose them to the public at this time.
A Pagliuka spokesman said he would not be able to contact Disney Iger if he did not respond to an e-mail request.
Iger, a 50-year-old Disney veteran, resigned after managing the acquisition of Marvel Studios and Pixar.
His fortune is estimated at $ 800 million by Forbes magazine in 2020, which means he will be a shareholder if he participates in the bid for Chelsea.
Iger is not the only Disney director involved in the takeover of an English football club. His predecessor, Michael Eisner, bought Portsmouth FC in 2017, and Chelsea will be responsible for offering the government a privilege later this month.

Chelsea fans are opposed to the Rickets family’s bid

The Ricketts-led Chelsea bid has been challenged in recent weeks, prompting a family member who did not take part in the bid to oppose the historic comments.
Ahead of Saturday’s 4-1 win over Chelsea Brentford, the anti-Ricketts protests drew around 100 fans.
After meeting with support groups last month, Torch boss Tom Ricketts said the tender team had “listened to all your feedback, including the trust of Chelsea supporters, and we are grateful that the door is still open to show our commitment.” We are working with the fans to protect the club’s heritage. “
“Now we have to redouble our efforts and clearly define our vision to lead the club in a multi-faceted and participatory way.”

Chicago Cubs owner Thomas Ricketts has also made an offer for Chelsea

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. It won the World Series for the first time in a century and completed a $ 1 billion renovation of its Riley Stadium, one of the most historic sports clubs in the United States. .
People close to the consortium have confirmed that this will not be a new debt on Chelsea’s balance sheet, but a tender for all the shares.
The rest of Chelsea’s bidders are a consortium led by former Liverpool FC boss Sir Martin Broton, some of whose bids are funded by Crystal Palace shareholders Josh Harris and Dave Blitzer; and the suggestion of LA Dodgers semi-owner Todd Boeli, who is working with Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Weiss.
Sky News last week revealed that a group of fans led by former Chelsea captain John Terry was in “positive” talks with two bidders for a 10 per cent stake.

John Terry has won 17 trophies at Chelsea, including five in the Premier League and one in the Champions League.

Raine is set to announce a preferential tender for the government in the week of April 18, paving the way for a sale before the end of the month.
Among them, final bidders control or own shares in U.S. teams such as the Boston Celtics, Cubs, LA Dodgers, Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings.
Following the traditional acquisition process, Chelsea’s auctions are very fast, and managers at other major investment banks expect such complex sales to take at least six months.
The deal was further hampered by Mr Abramovich’s sanctions by the British government as bidders sought to clarify the legal implications of the club’s acquisition.
Prior to his imprisonment, Abramovich said he intended to cancel his £ 1.5 billion loan to the club and transfer the proceeds to a new charity to help victims of the Ukrainian war.
Chelsea believe it is important to sell quickly to avoid uncertainty that could lead to the disintegration of one of the most valuable teams in the Premier League.
The current FIFA World Cup champions are in turmoil over the war against Russia and Ukraine, with Abramovich first offering to keep the club under his auspices and then officially putting it up for sale.
Abramovich first donated £ 3 billion to Stamford Bridge clothing and donated the proceeds to a charity set up to help victims of the Ukrainian war.
In addition to obtaining a government permit in the form of a special license, new Chelsea owners will be required to obtain a permit in accordance with Premier League agreements and appropriate ownership checks.

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