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Steven Gerrard praised the actions of Aston Villa fans thanks to a goal from Ukraine’s Andrei Yarmolenko.

After Andrei Yarmolenko of Ukraine scored for West Ham, there was applause on the pitch and away.

Steven Gerrard praised the reaction of Aston Villa fans after Ukraine’s Andrei Yarmolenko’s goal in Sunday’s Premier League match.
Yarmolenko, 32, came on as a substitute in the 52nd minute for Michael Antonio, and 18 minutes later Villa opened the scoring from a penalty to give West Ham United a 2-1 victory.
For the first time since the Russian invasion last month, the player and his team were thrilled after the goal.
After the goal, Yarmolenko raised both hands and fell to the ground in tears. As he hugged the player, his team quickly surrounded him, a scene that showed that some things were much more than a football game.
After the goal, Yarmolenko got to his feet, and as the game progressed slowly after the goal, Villa fans applauded.
“Villa fans were with me,” Gerrard told fans.
“They were educated in football, and I wasn’t surprised by that class.
“He scored a great goal and he went through a lot. So we congratulate him.”
Speaking about the situation after the match, Yarmolenko said: “I am very moved by the situation in our country.

The women’s FA Cup prize pool increases from £ 400,000 to £ 3 million each season.
The Football Association said the increase was aimed at advancing women’s football and helping it “in the early stages of the competition” as it “breaks new boundaries”. Baroness Sue Campbell: “The Confederations Cup is the biggest and best domestic cup in the world, both for men and women.”

Chelsea are the current winners of the FA Cup

The Women’s FA Cup prize pool will increase by £ 3 million a year from next season, according to the Football Association.
That number has risen to more than £ 400,000 and details on how it will be distributed across the competition have not yet been confirmed. The Football Association said: “The new fund will invest heavily in the first round of the tournament.”
An agreement was announced in January to increase the prize money “significantly” from next season, criticizing the discrepancy between the current figure and the men’s competition.

In a statement on Monday, Baroness Sue Campbell, the federation’s director of women’s football, said: “I will benefit many clubs in the women’s football pyramid because Vitality is pleased to announce an increase in funding for the Women’s FA Cup.
“The Confederations Cup is the world’s largest and best domestic cup competition for both men and women, and the increased investment from the FA underscores our desire to reward the participating clubs, as well as our continued commitment to women. .

The Football Association of England continues its efforts to develop women’s football in the UK

“Women’s football is in its growth phase and we are always looking for improvements and investments to move it forward and break new boundaries. This is the most enjoyable thing about my time working for this organization. It’s a lot of people.”
The statement said: “The Vitality Women’s FA Cup has grown in size, with 417 teams taking part this season, and interest has soared over the past 10 years. The competitive reputation and commercial interest seem to be acknowledged and acknowledged.
“Now that we have agreed to increase the prize pool for the Vitality Women’s FA Cup, we want to start working on how to distribute this money so that all the participating clubs can benefit.”

The FA Cup between Chelsea and Arsenal at Wembley was watched by more than 40,000 fans.
“One of the promises of the PWD is to invest a relatively small amount of money from this new fund in the first round of the competition. It means that the clubs that go down the pyramid will go to these stages and really feel the benefits of the prize.
“Details on the new funding structure and how it will be allocated to the various stages of the Vitality Women’s FA Cup next season will be announced in a timely manner.”
The prize pool for the Women’s Federation Cup is currently £ 25,000 and the runner-up will receive £ 15,000. The men’s competition, which has a total fund of 16 million pounds, was worth 1.8 million pounds and 900 thousand pounds.

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