The best games on the NBA schedule the week of January 23

The NBA schedule this week is a barn burner.Image: Getty Images Don’t let anyone tell you the NBA schedule during the regular season is a poor entertainment product. Of course, […]

NBA schedule Warriors Lakers Celtics Mavericks Nets 76ers Kings

Image: Getty Images Of course, a single game does not impact a team’s overall record the same way that it does an NFL team. In the NBA, teams play multiple […]

SoFi fans were wiping out during Georgia and TCU

Rainy days at SoFi always get me down.Image: Getty Images Someone should have told the designers of SoFi Stadium that “It never rains in Southern California,” by Tony! Toni! Toné!, […]

NBA’s most clutch – Steph Curry Kevin Durant SGA Jimmy Butler

Image: Getty Images The first-ever Jerry West Clutch Player of the Year will be awarded this season. Arguing over clutch players has become a staple of sports shout-talk TV, so […]

Who’s to blame for Atlanta Hawks turmoil — Trae Young or Nate McMillan?

Nate McMillan and Trae YoungPhoto: Getty Images Here’s a multiple choice essay question. You’ve got a blossoming superstar in Trae Young who has plateaued after some early career triumphs. Young […]

The Sacramento Kings are the NBA’s team of redemption

No longer a league laughingstockImage: Getty Images Kings Nation has been through the wringer for the past 16 years. The Sacramento Kings may be poised to end their postseason drought […]