Steve Ballmer must be sick thinking about how good Clippers could be

Steve BallmerImage: AP Coming into the season, the Los Angeles Clippers were viewed as one of the favorites to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals. That pick was […]

Come home, Kevin Durant

Kevin DurantImage: Getty Images The NBA’s greatest epics have been built around a meteoric star crash landing in a small market, galvanizing the city around their greatness in hopes of […]

NBA players as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever characters

Screenshot: Illustration Warning: Spoilers ahead After a reasonably middling Phase Four, the Marvel Cinematic Universe had lost some steam after exhausting itself over six films, nine TV series, and one […]

Can Ben Simmons find closure in Philadelphia?

Ben SimmonsImage: Getty Images Maybe one day Philadelphia sports fans will forgive Ben Simmons for not taking the court at all for the 76ers last season, not shooting in four […]

Only Anthony Davis can save the Lakers’ season

Anthony DavisPhoto: Getty Images There is a reason that the Los Angeles Lakers have so little draft capital. In 2019, the trend in NBA team building was to assemble as […]

Are Elon Musk’s Twitter and sports headed for a crash?

Is sports Twitter on its way out?Image: Getty Images In 2008 when I started covering the New York Jets, I also joined Twitter. It was a great way to break […]

The NBA can’t move on until Kyrie Irving repents

Kyrie IrvingPhoto: AP The NBA can’t move on until Kyrie Irving repents The most important thing Dave Chappelle said during his Saturday Night Live monologue was unquestionably correct. The Jewish […]

FTX crash hits Tom Brady, Steph Curry for millions

Image: Getty Images No franchise took an even more humiliating blow than the Miami Heat, who terminated their 19-year naming rights deal with FTX a year after they agreed to […]