The Celtics find a better way to lose than just getting swept

Remember the “Minneapolis Miracle?” You might, but if you don’t it’s when the Minnesota Vikings pulled out a last-second win in the divisional round over the Saints when the entire […]

Anthony Bennett and the NBA Lottery’s biggest draft busts

Photo: AP Team: Orlando Magic Pick: No. 5 Draft class: 2021 This one hurts, as it’s still so soon in Suggs’s young career. An explosive, dynamic lead guard on a […]

Hurricanes, Stars haven’t thrown in the towel unlike Lakers, C’s

The Stars are at least putting up a fightPhoto: Sam Morris (AP) We could be breaking out the brooms for all four NHL and NBA conference finals. The Denver Nuggets […]

Miami Heat kicked the Celtics in the head and everywhere else in Game 3

I have seen some ass whuppings administered in my lifetime. I remember in the fifth grade baseball playoffs beating the top overall seed by about 20 runs. To put a […]

Denver Nuggets trouncing Lakers to prove top-tier NBA status

Before this series, if you’d asked most people who would advance to the NBA Finals between the Lakers and their nameless opponents, they would have responded with a rhetorical question. […]

Boston Celtics are consistently inconsistent this NBA Playoffs

The Boston Celtics are going to Celtic from time to time. The problem has reared its ugly head for a third consecutive series, and there appears to be no stopping […]

Where will Victor Wembanyama end up?

The no doubt No. 1 pickPhoto: AP Stand on your head for one night because this is when everything gets flipped upside down so the NBA bottom feeders can plant […]

Sixers’ Joel Embiid was right about losing to Boston

Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokić are starkly different people. Yes, they are MVP centers who were not raised in America, but the similarities largely stop there. One player is from […]

Idea of Kevin Durant was always better than real Kevin Durant

Whenever someone talks about Kevin Durant, they bring up what he is capable of doing a lot more than they bring up what he actually does. I could retire if […]