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Hischarlisson: The Brazilian forward lived up to Everton's hype and will be worth every penny for Tottenham., News Sports, sport

Everton are looking forward to Tottenham’s offer for Richarlison this week. Chelsea are also interested in the Brazilian striker who justified a £40m transfer fee initially paid to him by the Merseyside club in 2018.

Tottenham are keen on signing Everton’s Richarlison

Hischarlisson: The Brazilian forward lived up to Everton’s hype and will be worth every penny for Tottenham.

Everton are looking forward to Tottenham’s offer for Richarlison this week. Chelsea are also interested in the Brazilian striker who justified a £40m transfer fee initially paid to him by the Merseyside club in 2018.

Richardson jumped onto the lawn at Goodison Park at the final whistle, and his bright, relieved smile was the antidote to the pain firing through the right adductor muscle.

The Brazilian was a major driving force in getting Everton to safety during the final weeks of a tough season with the club looking down on the muzzle of their first relegation since 1951.

Once again Crystal Palace’s special treatment forward jumped to the floor and did more than just his part in completing his comeback, which immediately plunged into Goodison Park folklore.

19 May 2022 – and a 3-2 victory over the 2-0 defeat that secured the Premier League’s survival – will be remembered forever in the history of the club.

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For Richard Lisson, it felt like the end of the chapter for Richard Lisson, who reappeared with a cradle in his right arm to thank the supporters after 30 minutes of full time.

Quiet manager Frank Lampard urged his team-mates to give a speech as the celebration continued within the sacred space of his home dressing room.

As Alan came forward reluctantly, he lifted him up and set aside his bag of ice that had been covering his swollen thighs, he said.

We captured the character of Charlie Song. Everton fans were delighted with his antics.

A winner who is often wounded but not defeated. Soon he will fulfill his promise to himself. During the joyous celebration, he stumbled back into the arena, holding his newborn baby, but his countenance was full of sadness.[hd-minions-2:-the-rise-of-gru-thai

Everton stayed up only after the penultimate game

It was a bittersweet moment for a man on the streets of Nova Venecia, a poor area in southeastern Brazil.

It was a heartbreaking moment when Everton supporters, who were still exiting the Gwladys Street End, turned around and found a talisman walking towards them.

Richarlison wanted to say goodbye immediately and thank him for what felt like a complete halt to Everton’s career. He missed Arsenal a few days later due to an injury. It was probably his last appearance in an Everton shirt and the player didn’t want to miss his last chance to dance with those who love him.

Six goals in his last nine games speaks volumes about his importance. He cost £40m but his worth was double that of a club sleepwalking into Championship Canyon.

Valuable assets left Everton under harsh conditions despite the club not having feasted at the best tables in English football in over 30 years. While Lee Charlie Song admits that his potential is much higher than the 16th place, he has always been open and honest about his love for the club and his supporters.

Despite dreams of transforming these fortunes since major shareholder Farhad Moshiri arrived in 2016, it is acknowledged that players need to know when to prioritize their own ambitions.

Everton chairman Bill Kenwright and Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy were seen having dinner together at Scott’s restaurant in Mayfair on Monday night. I can’t imagine the conversation being limited to shellfish and champagne.

It was hoped that Everton could build a team around Richard Song, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that Lampard will have to use the proceeds from player sales for a necessary rebuild this summer.

The Athletic reported that Everton must balance its books by June 30th under Financial Fair Play rules. That date (this Thursday) marks the end of the club’s fiscal year, and Levy is well aware that he will try to keep prices as low as possible.

Harry Winks and Steven Bergwijn are both mentioned as potential players heading in the opposite direction, while Spurs are keen on a package deal involving Anthony Gordon. Everton has no interest in hospitality at all.

Due to the mitigation allowed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Everton’s overall loss of £372 million over the past three years has fallen below the Premier League’s loss limit of £105 million. The club won’t be intimidated by fire sales and it doesn’t have to.

However, the financial outlook remains volatile, so raising capital through player sales is the fastest way to allay these fears. Everton is holding out well in excess of Richarlison’s worth of £50m Spurs. You have a deal to close, and important days are approaching.

“I’ve already made it clear to the board of directors,” Richard Leeson told reporters while working abroad at the end of May. I’ve also spoken with (Director Frank) Lampard with my agent and they know what I want. Let’s wait, June.

“I can’t speak now. Because this is how I am when we talk about leaving the club, and because of the history I have at Everton and the love the fans have for me. When we talk about leaving, I feel a little I have no words.”

Last December, Everton announced a review of the football structure after the departure of football manager Marcel Brands. Poor recruitment contributed to the record loss and Kevin Thelwell was later appointed as his successor.

Trying to sell or move something that doesn’t work is problematic and expensive, and the expiry of contracts leaves a lot of dead trees trying to leave, but enticing suitors on the periphery is proving difficult.

The club knows Everton is in a position to sell, which serves as leverage in the negotiations. That, in turn, limited the club’s spending power, so the downward vicious cycle continues.

Everton will admit they may need to take a step back to move forward by giving Richarlison a blessing.

The club is in the process of building a new stadium at Bramley Moore Dock, which is set to open for the start of the 2024/25 season, but a bright future must be built on a solid financial foundation.

They cannot miss their long-term ambitions. It is essential to reinvest in what winger Andros Townsend described on talkSPORT this week as the “mentally broken” squad that Lampard inherited.

Everton can only spend as much as he comes in, so he’ll have to regroup to reach the goals Mosiri sets.

Iranian entrepreneurs are maintaining that ambition. It is the result of exploratory negotiations over a possible acquisition of the club with a consortium that includes former Chelsea and Manchester United chief executive Peter Kenyon.

Tottenham are already built for the elite and Antonio Conte wants to reward players who have struggled to reach Everton’s ideal position. Conte can expect a rival from Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea, but the Italians are drawn to Richarlison’s tenacity and aggression.

When he was 10, his trainer fell off and he played barefoot at a local football academy. He did the 18km round trip along the route in socks just to love the game.

He was turned down once by Figueirense, a small club about 1,890 kilometers from Espirito Santo to Santa Catarina. After the trial, he waited 10 hours at the bus stop to return home, but his passion to become a professional footballer saved him from the poverty and potentially criminal life of his childhood.

After a break in his second division, America Mineiro, he soon moved to top Fluminense and was called up to the Brazil U20 national team.

In September 2016, when he left Brazil on his first away trip, they drew 1-1 against England at St George’s Park.

He made his first steps when Watford was called in in August 2017, but it faded naturally later in the campaign as he played right after the start of the Brazilian domestic season.

Richarlisson was seen crying in the dugout after being substituted for a goalless match against Chelsea in February 2018.

In an interview four years ago, he told Sky Sports, “I dedicate my life to football.” “I always want to play 90 minutes. I was sad and cried, but at the same time I understood that the coach had to send me off because of a yellow card.

“The game showed how important it is to me. I always want to do everything I can to help my teammates on the pitch.”

The 20-year-old has since learned to value team spirit, but it was his endless desire to hit his personal goals that enticed Tottenham.

Although Lee Charlie Song was an unknown sheep when he entered English football, the player himself never questioned his place among the star-studded cast.

That’s why he’s the favorite of Brazilian coach Tite, despite having never played in the Champions League or European competitions.

When he first arrived in England he said “the only problem is the weather”, but rain or shine, Lee Charlie Song came up with the most important case.

During those early months, he turned to Brazilian team-mate Heurelo Gomes for advice and support at Watford, while Chelsea pairs David Luiz and Willian were always there to comfort him with a family dinner party he prepared for him.

Marco Silva was a major force in convincing him to move to Everton, who enjoyed a fruitful relationship with the player at Watford, but his goal ceremonies led a man nicknamed O Pombo (‘Pigeon’ in Portuguese) to spread his wings.

His move to Everton has come under scrutiny, but the fact that he has scored 43 goals and provided 12 assists in 135 league appearances for a club that has endured considerable instability since 2018 shows more than pay off the expense.

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Richarlison showed another eye-catching skill against Brentford, but was it more impressive than his head juggling against Manchester United?
Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright told The Debate on Sky Sports that the 2018/19 season is just around the corner: “Yeah, Richarlison’s initial £40m surprised a lot of people.”

“Then he scored twice in his debut and looked great. But last season I saw him play against Chelsea and he missed brilliant chances and in other games he missed open goals.

“And you say, ‘I don’t think people will question the transfer fee if he gets that chance.’ But if he can play for Everton like he did at Watford in the beginning, he will be a huge asset to them.”

Paul Merson was more skeptical of the transfer as he believed the significant spending had created a summer mood of not being widely active in the market.

Everton’s Charlie Song and Tottenham’s Matt Doherty
Richarlison has been pursued by Spurs since he was in Watford.
“If I’m completely honest, I think the signing of Richarlisson has ruined the window,” Merson said.

“I think it happened too early and set the benchmark at £40m. The teams are ‘if you get £40m for him, they want £60m, £70m, £80m, £90m and £100m. That’s the question same.”

Richard Lisson was not shy

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