The Buffalo Bills fought hard, but overcame the tenacious Miami Dolphins

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Buffalo bill

Allen had three touchdown passes

In an emotional game, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins 31-34 in the American Conference Wild Card game at Highpark Stadium.

The Bills got off to a crushing start, but the Dolphins gradually reacted and pushed their opponent to the limit.

Quarterback Skyler Thompson played with great authority despite being the head coach’s third choice; Tua Tagovailoa and Teddy Bridgewater were both injured and unable to recover for the wildcards.

The Bills started with all their offensive arsenal, in the first quarter they were already 14-0 up, first Allen conneeeeeeeeeected with Knox and minutes later Cook drilled into the Miami defense to give Buffalo the lead

Bass boosted the Bills’ numbers with a field goal, which was when the Dolphins reacted in extraordinary fashion.

Miami trailed by 17 points, the Florida Dolphins regained some dignity and started to pressure the Bills, and the offense was starting to work.

The Dolphins scored three field goals in a row, and before the end of the first half Thompson connected with Gesicki, they got the conversion and the game was 17-17. Just before halftime Bass kicked a 39-yard field goal to give the home team the lead back.

Second round
The Dolphins defense came out to pressure Allen, in Buffallo’s first offensive series the quarterback fumbled the ball, Sller recovered it and carried the ball into the end zone. This was the first time the Dolphins had led 22-20.

The Bills got back to playing the game seriously, focused again and hit Miami for two straight touchdowns. The Bills lead 24-34.

Miami didn’t give up, they had life, they showed it with Wilson, running back past the Bills defense one yard to bring the Dolphins closer to the scoreboard 31-34.

The Bills defense was up to the task, they were able to freeze Miami’s attack, they won in the end, but it cost them a lot and they need to improve for the next round if they want to challenge for the Super Bowl.

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