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Antonio Conte prides himself on his hard work and commitment to managing football. But admits the loss of three close friends made him question his long-term future.

The club’s fitness coach, Gian Piero Ventrone, died in October. Before Sinisa Mihajlovic, Conte’s friend and former Lazio defender, died in December.

This was followed by the death of former Juventus and Italy team-mate Gianluca Vialli earlier this month.

Conte was 53 years old, the same as Mihajlovic at the time of his death. While Vialli was only 5 years older than him.

When asked ahead of Tottenham’s Premier League trip to Manchester, How did he feel after going through such a difficult time? The Italian replied: “Of course, this season is a difficult season from a personal point of view.

“Because losing in a short time Three people I know very well, before Gian Piero Ventrone, Sinisa and now Gianluca. It’s not easy.”

“Of course, when such a situation arises, It makes you rethink important things. Because many times we think and give a lot of importance to work. to forget family Forget that we need more time.

“This season was a difficult season for me personally. Obviously, this season has given me some important reflections on the future.”

Conte’s contract with Spurs expires at the end of the current season. But while his future with the club is uncertain. He insists that he remains committed to the challenge despite all the hardships he’s faced in the past.

“When you’re at work and work is in your head, and maybe, of course, maybe [there are] times when we forget to be with family. We forgot to spend time with friends,” he said.

“But this is our passion and passion. We lost a lot of things. when this situation happened I think you’re starting to think that sometimes it’s also good to spend time with family and friends. and yourself more Work isn’t everything in life.

“You can tell I’m not a good coach. It’s about my commitment and what I contribute to the club I work for. No club is unhappy about that.

“Usually, when I leave the club They were very sorry that I left. because they know how to do my job and the commitment that I give to the club what I give to the club.”

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