‘The game is important’ – KFA President welcomes Kerala Government’s deal with AIFF

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Kerala is set to host the Santosh Trophy and many other football tournaments in a partnership with the AIFF…

Kerala Football Association (KFA) President Tom Jose has welcomed the collaboration between the All India Football Federation (AIFF) and the Government of Kerala, announced on Monday. 

The collaboration will see the state host an international women’s football tournament in Kochi this year in addition to other plans to develop the sport in the state. Kerala Sports Minister V Abdurahman had revealed during a press conference that as part of the process, Kerala will also host the 75th Santosh Trophy tournament in addition to several other youth nationals.

And the KFA has welcomed the state government’s decision to invest in the game, terming it a great initiative that will help the development of the game in the South Indian state. 

“It’s a good thing that Govt has come up with such an initiative. So, the state government financing matches and tournaments is a great initiative,” KFA President Tom Jose told Goal

Earlier, it was also announced that the Govt of Kerala plans set up residential football academies across the state with the help of the Indian Super League (ISL) club Kerala Blasters and I-League club Gokulam Kerala. The clubs had won a government tender to set in motion the plan to set up the government football academies.

There have also been talks to set up a National Team camp in Kerala in the near future among other projects. 

Tom Jose, who owns a football club in Idukki district of Kerala himself, said that the KFA will co-operate with the Govt of Kerala in the initiatives. Furthermore, with the technical know-how, KFA will help the Govt of Kerala and AIFF implement the projects efficiently in the state.

EMS Stadium Kozhikode

“So, if the Govt is putting money in, the rest of the work, we will take care of. With projects like this, we can take care of our stadiums, maintain their standards to an international level and more,” he said. 

“Since we are the representatives of AIFF in Kerala, we will be there to give support. So, we will be involved. Now, AIFF will tell us how the things are and where the Govt of Kerala will help us and how. It’s important that we co-operate with each other. For any tournament, we will need police, ambulance and everything. So co-operation with the Govt is very important.”

Jose also revealed that the KFA is set to call a meeting of its office-bearers to discuss the deal between the state government and the AIFF in the near future. He went on to mention that co-operation is key.

“Govt doesnt have the technical know-how. KFA has that. So, we have to move forward together. We have an office-bearers meeting next week where we will brief our members on what the deal is. When the Govt is doing a good thing by investing into the game, we have to co-operate completely because the game is important.”

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