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Jude Bellingham dropped off Manchester United back in the summer of 2020 to join Borussia Dortmund from Birmingham City, despite his passion for Wayne Rooney.

Manchester United’s inability to justify Jude Bellingham two years ago after the midfielder talked about his move to Borussia Dortmund has once again come into the spotlight.

Bellingham joined Dortmund in July 2020 with a £ 25 million transfer from its hometown of Birmingham City. The 18-year-old has since become one of Europe’s most promising young players and has become a core man in England.

United made a concerted effort to win Bellingham two years ago and involved Sir Alex Ferguson to convince him to join and tour the club’s gyms. Bellingham was reportedly impressed with how long United had gone, but still decided to move to Old Trafford.

In February, it was reported that United football director John Murtough led the persecution of United against Bellingham, but the show, considered a young midfielder, did not bring the desired effect. Murtough did not show a clear career path for Bellingham, so he decided to follow Jadon Sancho to Dortmund.

“I never dreamed of playing in Germany, I always thought I would be in Birmingham or England, and that will be me,” Bellingham said in an Xbox video interview. “I had the opportunity to play in Dortmund and I didn’t really hesitate. I didn’t regret it for a moment or thought “it was too hard for me”. I want to meet the challenge every single day when I’m there. ”

Michael Zorc, after signing one of the world’s most sought-after talents, Dortmund’s sports director, explained what made the deal. He said: “Jude Bellingham chose BVB with confidence and was, of course, primarily interested in the sport-like perspective we showed him.”

Dortmund have proven to be the best place for Bellingham in the last few seasons: the midfielder has collected 10 goals and 17 assists in 85 colors for the club in all series. He developed rapidly by playing regularly in the Bundesliga, even though it was never an aspect early in his career.

“I’ve never been too interested in football,” Bellingham admitted. “It was something that dragged me in because my dad wasn’t a league player and he was a big fan. One day he snapped and I just loved it – I developed as a player. My father was my hero. Rooney was there at the time and Robin van Persie was very good too, but for me it was my father first. ”

The fact that Bellingham admired United strikers Rooney and Van Persie but still didn’t transfer to Old Trafford two years ago doesn’t reflect the club well. Sky Sports said United had offered £ 30m to Birmingham to sign Bellingham in January 2020, but still missed out on Dortmund.

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