The rematch of the last 16 of the Champions League will take place after the mistakes of Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester United.


The draw will take place again at 14:00; Manchester United’s second-placed Atletico Madrid did not win the group stage, but Liverpool were mistaken in the group stage to face Atletico Madrid.

UEFA will have to draw again for the last 16 of the Champions League

UEFA will hold a new draw for the last 16 of the Champions League at 14:00 after Atletico Madrid, Liverpool and Manchester United make mistakes.
UEFA has blamed “technical problems” and said the first draw was canceled.
The problem arose when Atletico, who finished second in Group B, were drawn and all the winners of the group, their last 16 opponents, were put in a separate bowl, but United were not included.
Teams that qualify for the group stage must remain in the draw for the last 16. United did not face Atletico in the group stages, but Liverpool did, and Jürgen Klopp’s side mistakenly fought Atletico and then drew with Bayern Munich.
In the first draw, United will face Paris Saint-Germain, while Liverpool will face Salzburg.
Champions League – the first draw of the last 16
Benfica against Real Madrid
Villarreal against Manchester City
Bayern Munich against Atletico Madrid
Salzburg against Liverpool
Inter Milan, Ajax
Sporting against Juventus in Lisbon
Against Chelsea Lille
Paris Saint-Germain against Manchester United
A statement from UEFA said: “A material error has occurred after a technical problem with the software of an external service provider who instructs officials on which teams can play each other in the Champions League Round of 16 draw.
As a result, the lottery draw will be canceled and will be resumed in its entirety. “

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes the decision to repeat the UEFA draw is the right one.
“I think it’s fair. It was a mistake, but sometimes it can happen,” Guardiola told a news conference on Tuesday about his game against Leeds.
“If an error occurs, repeat it to be suspicious.”
How did UEFA’s Manchester United draw the lottery again?
UEFA Deputy Secretary General Giorgio Marchetti and UEFA Club President Michael Heselshwerdt, with the help of special guest Andrei Arshavin, conducted the draw for the Champions League in Nyon.
The eight runners-up were in the same bowl, while the eight group winners were in the individual bowl.
Each winner had to compete against a runner-up from a different group or football association.
During the lottery, Hesselschwerd confirmed that one runner-up would be selected from the runners-up. The computer will then indicate which winner is against them. The ball containing the names of the competitors will be placed in another bowl, the winner of one of the eligible groups will be drawn and combined with the runner-up.
How the lottery took place …
Beginning of the draw: Benfica finished second and became the first team to pair with Real Madrid.
Villarreal’s mistake: Villarreal were drawn in second place. “Villarreal can play against the other seven teams,” Marchetti said. Arshavin pulled Man Utd out of the pot of competing rivals, Marchetti corrected his earlier statement by saying, “It’s not possible because Man Utd are in this section, so we have to do another one.”
Sorry: Arshavin has signed for Manchester City instead, but Marchetti has apologized for “technical problems in our lottery” and City’s name has not been shown as a Villarreal rival.
Manchester United are missing: Atletico draw to finish in second place Manchester United have yet to draw, but it appears that Hesselschwerd have opted for Liverpool and not Manchester United when they put Atletico’s arch-rivals in the ball. Arshavin has signed Bayern to play Atletico.
The draw is over: The rest of the draw is over, Liverpool draw with Salzburg and Manchester United draw with PSG.
Pull again? The lottery is coming to an end, but there are reports of clubs that are directly skeptical of the lottery. Sky Sports News is in contact with UEFA about the possibility of another draw.
Draw a blank! UEFA acknowledged that “technical issues with the software of an external service provider, which allows officials to tell which teams can play against each other”, made a “material error” and announced the cancellation of the draw on Monday afternoon. .

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