The star of the magnificent Manchester City is facing Hurricane Arven to create a master class on the wonderful world of winter


Joao Canselo has been in sensational form this season and Manchester City defender Storm Arven has not ruled him out.

Joao Canselo celebrates the first goal of West Ham’s game against Manchester City with midfielder Ilkay Gundogan.

There is never a bigger difference in terms of player and fan satisfaction than playing football in the snow.
For those of us who are wrapped in several layers on the deck or turn on the heating and watch from home, the whole scene is not so much fun.
In contrast, actors in the thickest part of the action are generally walking on a rope with the possibility of an insulting mistake or a serious injury.
The defenders’ situation is deteriorating, as luck is unlikely to be their friend, and it’s even more surprising that Joao Canselo has continued his champagne game in his recent 2-1 win over West Ham at Manchester City.
Pep Guardiola, once a perfectionist, broke three-quarters of his back in the middle of Sunday’s first snowstorm.
Ruben Diaz, in particular, has received a lot of cartoon advice, and the latest spotted character of Emerick Laport could have done without turning the East into Lapland.
Kyle Walker has apologized enough, but he still knows his training – if you’re Pep’s bodyguard, you’re generally watching the movie with a DVD commentary.
Canselo got the right to have fun at work and unpack the good stuff from the ice rink on the left.

He overcame a number of challenges at home after his first game against Michael Antonio, and in the 11th minute he put pressure on the backboard to show a remarkable sense of defense.
Then the world’s most creative attacking winger caught the attention of the crowd – another trademark for Rahim Sterling’s release was an offside pass.

Manchester City’s Joao Canselo is battling West Ham United’s Pablo Fornal for possession.

Canselo’s sense of being able to take advantage of a Swiss army knife-wielding betrayal situation only turned his crossball into Riyadh Mahrez’s path and increased Algerian winger Ilkay Gundogan’s chances. purpose of the opening.
An hour later, Cancelo took Pablo Fornals down, took one of his teammates and changed the old teaching, deciding to attack for the next 15 minutes or so.
Aaron Creswell scored a stunning goal to deny Jesus, and as he finished the game in the afternoon, he hit the post hard, and Cancelo stepped forward to show that playing as a left-back was a great pastime.
Sterling’s relentless fight with the stunning Ben Johnson gave the snowplow a sense of uphill fighting, which left the Portuguese star in the limelight.
Sterling doubled the lead and pulled West Ham into the net, freeing Jesus with a delicious high, but in the 72nd minute, Johnson and Hammers goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski combined the dangerous pass and crushed him. six-yard box.
From that point on, Fernandinho and Manuel Lanzini had to do a little more detail before Canselo could exchange goals late.
According to Opta, he had more shots than any City player with 114 points. He has more fights (14) and five fights (five) than any other player on the team, proving his superiority on both sides of the game right now.
On Sunday, Canselo made it easy to almost attack what he had long been ungrateful for. He’s a really rare talent.

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