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Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte wore handbags during their post-match handshake after a poor display between Chelsea and Tottenham, resulting in both being punished by the FA.

Thomas Tuchel has admitted he “laughed at himself” after his row with Antonio Conte last week.

And the Chelsea boss said this week that “everyone is making fun of me” at the club’s training ground. The German and Italian coaches were awaiting news of punishment from the Football Association’s independent commission today. But the pair have already become internet meme stars, mocking their confrontation at the end of a crazy 2-2 draw.

Tuchel said he saw them – even thought it was funny. “Of course, we laugh!” he said. “It’s very important to laugh about yourself. I was laughing in the dressing room. It was the heat of the game, not too bad for me. A handshake, too long, too heavy. I agree. No harm was done.

“He’s on my side. I never knew because he spoke to me in Italian. We didn’t insult each other. If there weren’t 20 people around us, I think it would have been over. You’re right. If that’s the reaction, he’s the reaction. Of course I was laughing about myself. I saw quite a few things (compilations). As you can imagine, everyone in the building was making fun of me, but that’s okay.”

Tuchel is also facing an FA investigation following claims that referee Anthony Taylor “probably” shouldn’t be judging Chelsea’s future after Sunday’s game. Since then, VAR official Mike Dean has criticized Cristiano for pulling Mark Cucurella’s hair in his newspaper column. He admitted that he should have told Taylor to let Romero go.

The Chelsea boss said: “I hope I’m not being too fair, but if the mistake is so big and so obvious, what’s the point of not admitting it all season? I’m struggling a little bit to be fully impressed with the statement I have to make. It’s very clear and obvious, I don’t see how the judge can’t make the right decision.”

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte had a tense meeting at Stamford Bridge last weekend.

The Chelsea boss also wants officials to be more transparent about how they reach decisions. “The judge may not be at fault in this decision,” he added. “He was not called to the monitor, so we have to accept that the decision was not made by the referee, taking into account all the passion, emotion and consequences. In this case, the VAR made a mistake.

I think at least an apology or acknowledgment could have been more transparent to make it easier. Maybe they can explain the decisions on the field to everyone. Why would they make such a decision? Perhaps to make it more transparent and clear what is going on. Why is the goal not allowed, why is it not allowed, why is he denying his decision.

“This process is far from over, there are still standing goals and extraordinary decisions that need to be overturned. Obviously, there is still work to be done.”

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