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Tottenham appointed Antonio Conte as their new coach in November.
Tottenham boss Antonio Conte was bitten by a question from Fabio Paratichi’s sporting director during a press conference on Tuesday. Paratici moved to north London last summer, but left the club to move to Paris Saint-Germain.
“To be honest, this is a question for him, not for me,” Conte whispered to reporters. “I can’t speak for someone else – I don’t know what anyone else thinks. It’s probably disrespectful to talk about someone else. I’m talking about. “
Paratici spent 11 seasons as Juventus sporting director after six years as a senior scout at Sampdoria. His time in Turin coincided with nine Italian Serie A titles and five Italian Cups. But the 49-year-old left Italy to live in the Premier League.
The 49-year-old was tasked with appointing former Spurs boss Nuno Espirito Santo last summer. But Nuno lived only four months before giving the order to march after a disappointing run by the Liliweights.

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has bitten after asking about Fabio Paratichi’s future.

Paratichi Conte has since been appointed to manage North London, where the former Italian midfielder is trying to reach the top four in the Premier League. However, Tottenham are likely to lose Paratici after reports emerged that PSG had approached the captain to persuade him to move to France.
The future of PSG’s current football director Leonardo is still in doubt, despite a 2-0 aggregate victory over Real Madrid in the last 16 of the Champions League. The incredible successor Paratichi may be tempted to move to the mega-rich Ligue 1.

Tottenham boss Fabio Paratici has joined Juventus after leaving the club last summer.

However, according to Athletic, Paratichi is “still enthusiastic” about his work behind the scenes at Tottenham Hotspur and has a strong relationship with Spurs boss Daniel Levy.
Paratichi has already spoken about his loyalty to the Spurs. “I will never stay at the club for six months, a year or two,” the Italian said last fall. “My last experience was 11 or six years,” he said. I want to think about the long term and create something, that’s our goal.
“When I talk about the big picture, it’s with the best infrastructure in the world, with great fans, we’re in a big city, in the best city in Europe, so I think we have everything to make a big deal. We need everyone’s support because the path will be easier if we are positive and together. ”

Middlesbrough have described Chelsea’s request for a FA Cup behind closed doors as “strange”.
The clubs were scheduled to play in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup at Riverside Stadium, but were unable to sell new away tickets due to sanctions against owner Roman Abramovich.

Chelsea beat Luton Town in the last round and drew with Middlesbrough in the quarter-finals.

Middlesbrough Football Club called Chelsea’s request to play the last eight games behind closed doors “strange and meaningless”.
Chelsea wanted to play at Riverside Stadium on March 19 after the government imposed sanctions on Roman Abramovich, making it impossible to sell new tickets for home and away games.
Stamford Bridge said Middlesbrough’s request was “too ridiculous” to “play behind closed doors for the sake of sporting fairness”.

Roman Abramovich was sanctioned by the British government last week

A statement from Middlesbrough said: “We are aware of Chelsea’s request to hold the Emirates Cup sixth round match on Saturday behind closed doors and consider their offer strange and irrelevant.”

“Everyone is worried about why Chelsea were penalized and whether it has anything to do with Middlesbrough football.
As a result, the proposal that MFC and our fans should be punished is not only unfair but also unfounded.

“Given the reasons for these sanctions, it is very strange that Chelsea are trying to call for ‘fairness’ in sports as a reason to play behind closed doors.”
Chelsea see the request as the “fairest” way to continue
A statement from the club said: “It is important for the competition to move forward against Middlesbrough, but we want the FA board to hold the game behind closed doors.
“Chelsea acknowledge that such an outcome will have a huge impact on Middlesbrough and its supporters, as well as our fans who have already bought a limited number of tickets sold before the license was issued, but we believe it is the fairest thing to do. way. “
The club added that it was in talks with the Financial Action Office about ticket sales for this weekend’s game, but had not made any progress.
Chelsea has been allowed to continue operating under a government-issued license, which allows existing ticket holders to participate in the game, but does not allow new sales, including home and away day tickets.
The Football Association said in a statement that it was “aware of Chelsea FC’s request” and would discuss it at a professional game council meeting tomorrow.

Chelsea have won the FA Cup eight times, most recently in the 2017/18 season after beating Manchester United 1-0.

The license can be changed, said the Minister of Sports
Sports Minister Nigel Huddlestone told the selection committee of the Ministry of Media, Culture and Sports on Tuesday that the government might change its license to allow Chelsea to sell tickets.
“The action we have taken and the license we have given to Chelsea is to stop [leaving Chelsea from business] exactly,” he said.
“It’s about allowing Chelsea to play, keeping the salaries of the workers and respecting ticket sales. We are in talks with Chelsea and the fans about whether to allow them to sell tickets in the future. We don’t intend to hit others.
“We are looking for alternatives. But the sanctions will have consequences. We must not forget that Roman Abramovich is associated with Vladimir Putin, and that this is due to the invasion of an independent state and the death of people.”
“But we want to impose sanctions on those who try to strike and have the least impact elsewhere.
“But there will be some inconvenience as a result. We will welcome the (club’s) sale and change the license to activate this sale, which will be important for Chelsea.”
At the request of Chelsea, the club’s supporters issued a statement of confidence, asking the club to “withdraw its request to hold Middlesbrough’s game behind closed doors”.
“The CST has made it clear to government and Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston that supporters must be able to see their team,” the statement said.
“We strongly urge the government to change the license and allow supporters to get tickets. Playing behind closed doors is not good for any supporters.”

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has ruled out a trip to France to play in the Champions League.

Chelsea have ‘scope’ to qualify for Champions League
Chelsea are set to face Lille in the return leg of the Champions League last 16 on Wednesday, but it is doubtful how they will react.
The government’s license limits the club to £ 20,000 per game, and Chelsea plan to increase that.
The average cost of a Premier League club’s away trip is £ 30,000, with an added bonus for visiting Europe.
Manager Thomas Tuchel has admitted that he has the opportunity to play for Chelsea in Lille.
He said: “It’s not about luxury or luxury. It’s just a professional sport and we play two days between games with our opponents for four days and we come with injuries.
“It’s better to come by plane than by bus. As far as I understand, we can go and play in Lille for no reason.”
The confidence of Chelsea supporters will write an open letter to the future owner
The billionaire sold his club for £ 3bn before sanctions were imposed on Mr Abramovich.
It is unclear whether he will sell Chelsea, but a number of people, including Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta and real estate developer Nick Candy, have expressed interest in buying the team.

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