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Trent Alexander-Arnold made a significant contribution to all moves in Liverpool’s 2-2 draw at Manchester City.

Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and Pep Guardiola joke

At the end of seven league games, Liverpool are playing one of the best games on the defensive side. Only once in the Premier League era have they conceded more goals after 31 games (2005/06), conceding just six of their 106 best goals.
However, every time an opposing team scores against the Reds after destroying a number of impressive numbers, the media has a long way to go. If it’s not a boring debate over issues related to the high defensive line leading the opponent in the five major European leagues, it plays an important role in the defense of Trent Alexander-Arnold.
Jürgen Klopp’s views have negated both the regulation of the right-wing defensive capability of the first choice, which is the latest in the issue. The team that recently beat Arsenal 2-0 said: “I’ve said before, I’m sorry if it’s one or two things that Trent can’t defend, you have no idea about football.”
However, after Manchester City’s 2-2 draw on Sunday, Alexander’s injury to Arnold was second to none. For the second time, Gabriel Jesse led the league leaders in a game in which Joao Canselo could pass behind the number 66.
The goal is for people to take a different view of Arnold’s guilt so that they can never fight before a good game. This is evident in the fact that she helped Diogo Jota for Liverpool’s first beauty, but the 23-year-old is involved in everything he does and finds interesting statistics.
Understat creates a measure called xGChain, which is a measure of the expected goal of each chain purchased with player participation. The same rating is used to ensure that the work is done regardless of whether the movements are started or shot at the end.
Alexander-Arnold’s xGChain device against City is 1.28, the 13th highest camera since he made 156 appearances in the Premier League. It was his fifth-best away game, while he led twice in the Premier League against a member of a good big club.
It all sounds great, but (in Anderstat’s style) it’s more impressive than the expected 1.30 goal at Liverpool Etihad Stadium. with it, Trent completed 98.5 of his team’s offensive attacks.
Jota’s goal was the Reds’ first, while Alexander-Arnold’s only shot in the first half came from inside the box. After the break, the Reds sent a double to right-back Mohamed Salah, giving the Egyptians a clear chance to make the top two. The final goal of the game was when Sadio Mane missed a chance to score while saving Jota’s efforts.
Alexander-Arnold did not take part in the attack in the 71st minute of the break, but the Reds scored the expected 1.28 goals and Trent xGChain’s reputation was restored. for all this.
One more shot left. In the 77th minute, Jordan Henderson blocked a shot from outside the box after John Stones fired a corner kick (a shot on target anyway). The corner came from the right, so you can guess who took it.
Alexander-Arnold’s live pass didn’t reach the team’s players, so even if xGChain doesn’t show up in the news, it can’t be without the captain’s next shot. It did everything that made the most difficult league game possible with the fingerprints of a right-back.
Even those who are misled into believing that Alexander-Arnold should be held accountable must admit it wonderfully. Even though Trent has no defense, one of the toughest challenges in world football has been done by others on the pitch, which is why it always requires such resources.

The European Super League and the American inspiration for its failure
Last year’s European Super League failed to defeat the American closed-store model, and a year later it will continue to fail in football.
If the Los Angeles Lakers had played in the Premier League this season, it would have been more sensational.
The Lakers – yes, LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook Lakers, formerly the home of Magic Johnson’s world champion and legendary Kobe Bryant – have been dubbed “the most frustrating season in history” by NBA experts and fans. The season was magical.
In the NBA Western Conference, the team finished 11th after tragic games. The Lakers didn’t technically break their 50-point losing streak, but they didn’t lose another.
The tough season is coming after the NBA Championship 2nd place bets, the politeness of the star team (did we mention Davis, Westbrook and James?), The pedigree of the champions and the brilliance of the best opponent. .
Injuries didn’t help, but what punishment would the Lakers get for such a bitter season? It’s not uncommon for fans to ban the prestigious crown, which is “a good shout out for the most frustrated team.” The Lakers will miss the post-season playoffs for one season in a row. James treats an ankle injury. Head coach Frank Vogel’s predictability fell on the manager’s cross in the following days. The vibrations of the staff behind the scenes will also come, and if the fans are lucky, an interview with some spicy players.

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a difficult season

All this is due to the fact that the international sports media did not publish so many rackets on the Richter scale. There is noise, but only so. Because during the Lakers’ run, there was never a threat that the organization could be punished more severely.
The Lakers will never be relegated.
Imagine that. The Lakers, the world’s best-selling basketball jersey, play Barnesley at 15:00 on a rainy Saturday afternoon.
Of course, imagination is the only place where such a spectacular decline in American sports indoor store design can occur. In this vintage, historic “big” teams like the Lakers or the NFL’s New York Giants are rewarded with a considerable amount of comfortable defense. Bad season? Fuhgeddabudit. Take the L, box it, and move on. There is always the next season.
Such satisfaction is a tragedy for footballers around the world who have been brought up in a religion other than store closures.
A year after the European Super League scandal and resurrection continue, this feeling continues to prevail. That’s why regular tenders for any closed competition will continue to fail – and should.

As an American who grew up in a closed store model, his emotions were always in demand. The words “fight” or “fear” have never been titled to describe defeated teams in the NBA or NFL. The story of a romantic underprivileged person has never seemed so strange. The competition was fierce. The crazy seasons were really crazy.
Instead, they talked about the coming season, the recovery, and how to spend a year “focusing on academics” as many universities talk openly about their needy seasons. These were all versions of the same theme: No matter how bad the fists are, there is always next season.

Football fans have largely rejected the plans for the European Super League

When it comes to indoor sports, there is a temptation to focus on sports integrity. But there is no embarrassing euphoria at the end of the 16-year-old riots that the closed-store model can’t reproduce, waiting to return to the Premier League. Or a simple scalping against an opponent who is much bigger and more hairy than an unexpected midfielder, whether that opponent is expensive to bid for a European place or not, or a fight for the title or relegation.
Despair is also felt more internally. Defamation of the league’s toilets doesn’t just mean updating the “worst” achievements of history in its own right and writing “bad seasons” in the history books. This means very real and very terrible consequences.
Danger leads to madness. For those who have not taken the initiative, the battles for promotion to the lower leagues can lead to feelings of shame and anger. Instead, the club is arguing that every season should have a fair shot. Existence cannot be currency.
Instead, the danger was created by the district lottery match, and while the system increased its fair share of love – Cincinnati Bengals’ unpredictable run for the Super Cup after 33 long, tragic seasons this year – the novel was conditional. . During these 33 years, there was no threat of never returning to such a high peak.
Nasser Al-Khalifa, president of Paris Saint-Germain, head of the ECA and a sensational rival to ESL, recently said that the Champions League should look like a bigger show than the Super Bowl and that he had come up with the idea of ​​promoting the competition better as an American model. .
The strangest thing is that the 2021 Champions League final was watched by 700 million people, and the 2022 Super Bowl was watched by only 112 million people. The entertainment value of the Super Bowl is unparalleled. But stay away from pizza, fans, and flashing lights. Meat is not a feast.
Of course, in all disputes over fairness and true love, football has to deal with the giant and financial elephant in the room it has been renovating for the last 30 years, or the results can be more ridiculously predictable and risk accidentally moving to a closed store. on the biggest stage.
This is because the whole open shop design is cut and the result is a sunken cover.
Football is at its best, and there are dangers and surprises due to being a universal equalizer. Teams can win or lose, and they can ridicule their reputations and build new ones. They will inevitably fail at some point, even the biggest and worst.
These failures make success stronger and more brutal as you get closer. Closed competition does not create the same feeling of life. Instead, the sport takes place in a Peter’s cup, artificially made for TV and TikTok videos.
Put it this way.
If Everton had played in the NBA, it would have been much less of a headless chicken screaming and putting the club’s “status” on the line. For the first time since the turn of the century, Nottingham Forest will not be bidding to return to the Premier League.
All noise will be significantly less.

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