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UEFA is moving forward with plans to introduce more official games to the club’s league series, with a four-team game show to be tested in the near future.

UEFA has reportedly been exploring the possibility of starting the season with a small four-team Champions League match after plans for a ‘last four’ tournament were scrapped.

A report from the Associated Press, based on information from an unnamed source who was involved in the talks and spoke on the condition of anonymity, said UEFA was considering the idea of a small game to start the new competition in the top five in Europe. liki.

It has been revealed that the plans include setting up a pre -season tournament to be held outside of Europe, with four teams traveling to the United States to try out. in the small circle. Since so many clubs, including Chelsea and Arsenal, are already willing to travel there for the season, it could look good if the budget is sufficient. Implementing strong lines, however, may be a daunting task before the season begins.

Under the plans, I may be selected from those who finish in the top 36-team standings when the new Champions League rankings come in 2024. I think by promoting this idea , I will be more motivated to continue. fight for the top four spot if they have already qualified for the last 16 knockout rounds.

The inclusion of this tournament could end their participation in the UEFA Super Cup Champions League, which is currently held by Chelsea. Instead, the Europa League champions will face off against the Europa Conference League.


It comes after European football management decided to scrap plans to change the format of the League Semi-finals and final matches. The impact of coronavirus infection has compelled this idea to be tested in 2020, with the final quarter, semi-final and all finals to be held in Lisbon.

While it was believed that the plan was the best solution at the time because it did not allow enthusiasts to the stadiums, doing so in the future would have a significant impact on the development of any host city. if all the games are played in a small space. of times.

It remains to be seen how UEFA’s plans will unfold from the Premier League, where the fixtures are being tightened due to international breaks. Managers such as Jurgen Klopp have expressed their opposition in the past to making players participate in too many demonstrations for financial gain, and the Liverpool boss complained in March about plans to increasing the size of the European Championships.


“This summer for the first time in years without a tournament, what are we going to do? We’ve been playing games,” he said. “That’s the world. new rounds for teams of 32 or 36 or 58. I didn’t know there were many European countries but they all play in the Euros.We have to make sure we defends the most important thing in this game, and that’s the players.

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