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"Complete Surrender"-The Magic Year of the Route Ruined by a Pair of Horrible Records of "Poor" Poms: UK View, News Sky Sports, sky sports

How can England’s skipper Joe Root have the third most prolific run scoring year in Test history only for his team to lose a record nine games and equal their most ducks record in the same year?

Can England skipper Joe Root score the third highest score in test history, with his team losing nine games in the same year, most comparable to the duck record?

This is a question asked by the British media after England was bowled at 68 on the morning of the third day of the Boxing Day test.

The route top scored 28 points in England’s chambolic second dig at MCG and finished the calendar year with a 1708 run, but unfortunately, as in all cases in 2021, gathering most of the help from his teammates. I couldn’t.

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England’s defeat in Melbourne was the ninth in 2021 and a new record for Britain in the calendar year.

Meanwhile, their 4-second inning ducks took them to 54 in 2021. This was the most on the British side in the one-year course, comparable to the 1998 team.

As expected, the British tabloid fallout was a mixture of anger, disappointment, frustration, and total distrust.

“In the 12 days on both sides of Christmas, England lost the dignity of the ashes and their cricket, and more than half of the series hadn’t been played yet,” Dean Wilson wrote to Miller.

“At 11:50 am on the third day of the third test at MCG, Camgreen captured the last English wicket and lost in two innings and 14 runs, so he routed 68 times in two innings.

“This was not just an ashes defeat, but a complete surrender. The surrender that must make a real meaningful change when it comes to how England tackles test cricket.

“The 2019 World Cup victory was great, but it was the exact opposite. A horrifying episode in the history of British cricket, which was almost unbelievable despite the fact that it unfolded in front of us.

“Australia’s Journeyman debut, Scott Borland, got a staggering 6-7 with just four overs, a dire situation with the worst ash cricket display the correspondent has ever seen. What was simply done with cricket here was a terrible effort from the entire lineup. “

The last time England didn’t bother the scorers with many batters was when they were named the worst team in test cricket in 1998.

The fact that it came in the same year that their captain created the greatest year ever by a British batter is a bitter medicine to swallow for British fans.

“The ninth defeat in a year is a new record,” Wilson wrote.

“They haven’t lost so many games in a year, 68 is the lowest ash score since 1904.

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“They arrived in the middle one by one and moved away one by one. I had no idea how to play bowling in front of them and there was little problem with the scoreboard.

“The record of 54 ducks in the England team’s calendar year was set in 1998, just before England officially became the worst team in the world. It is now equal.

“It’s really amazing to think that the captain recorded all these runs, but England’s batting as a team was still in the ditch.

“This was a miserable morning at the Citadel of Cricket, Australia. There is a lot of anger in the results and performance, but it should soon turn into sadness.

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“The English test cricket reached this after the golden generation cricket player, and success is really something. How to ruin heritage.”

Nick Holt, who wrote for the Times, also hurt England’s performance when he recognized the Ash series in horror fashion on the morning of the third day of Boxing Day test.

“Australia held the ashes when James Anderson was bowled to end the poor England batting performance summarizing this disappointing tour,” Holt wrote in the Times.

“England did not recover from losing four wickets in intimidating and brutal high-speed bowling during the last hour of the second day.

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“There was no rest when all was done within 13 overs on a sunny Melbourne morning, when play resumed, fascinated by the rest of the batting with Ben Stokes, Johnny Bainsu and Root.

“Australia had one inning lead of 82 runs, which was above the total average of four of England’s top seven this year.”

Blowtorch is currently being applied to England’s captain Root, and more specifically to Chris Silverwood coaches who need to be under both pressures to maintain their role beyond this series. increase.

“Team director Ashley Giles is coming to Sydney next week and has made a big decision to decide the future of the head coach before the test tour to the West Indies in March,” Holt wrote.

“Silverwood has been in charge since he replaced Trevor Bayliss as head coach in 2019.” Giles, whose chief selector Ed Smith put Silverwood under overall control of his choice in May. He was given more power when he was dismissed by. Since then, England has lost 6 of the 8 tests. “

Depending largely on how England reacts in the last two tests, Root and Silverwood’s future tenure will be on thin ice at best.

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