Vialpando and Pando, who beat Old High’s Plainview 56-35, are connected by four TDs. – Indepediente Daily Sports News


Brisen Vialpando’s pass Dajuan Pando.
A public informant at Memorial Stadium seemed stuck. It is also a phrase that has appeared many times in the box points that accompany this article.
The Wichita Falls Search Vialpando-Pando connection was the best on Thursday, with the Coyotes having a 56:35 victory over enemy Plainway, Division II of Division 3-5A, and connecting four times. The Coyotes (3-6, 2-2) are on the verge of making the playoffs, with Abilene Wiley losing to Lubbock-Cooper on Friday. Plainview (1-8, 0-4) was eliminated from the post-season competition for the fourth season.
But the Bulldogs did not fall without a fight. They had 84 yards on the ball and the last three were scored by TD led by midfielder Isaac Garza.
Vialpando and Pando connected for two shots in eight seconds, but the Bulldogs gained strength in the second half, 7-22, 21-7. They were successful within 21-13 hours before taking a break. The Bulldogs opened the scoring in the second half. They equalized 21 games with 11 yards of TD and two assists from Garza.

“Give them a lot of credit. (Coach Jonathan Haddock) did a great job with the program, “said WFHS coach Grant Freeman.” He made them ready to play and they did a lot of great things that caused us problems.
“But if I’m going to be appreciated by them, my guys have to deserve it too. They took every shot and fought. I’m proud of their reaction to win this game.”

During the break, Vialpando found Pando 16, 12 and 21 yards away. This is nothing new. Pando became Vialpando’s main target shortly after taking office in the third week.
“It’s always between us,” Vialpando said. ‘We spend a lot of time together on and off the pitch. I think he’s more of a brother than a friend. “
Freeman appreciates Vialpando’s time as a chemistry student.
“When you train every day with the same guys in the job group, you build relationships,” Freeman said. “I think these two were created when Brysen the receiver was playing. You get to know those guys, you understand how they think and how they play.”
In the middle of the third period, Vialpando responded with a leg after the Bulldogs tied for 21st, scored 8 and 33 yards in a row, and then won 3-23 to 35-21.

In the third period, Garza took the Bulldogs back in points with an 8-yard TD run of 1:51. Vialpando responded with his fourth TD pass, throwing a 30-yard jump from midfield to Thai Willie.
But when it was time to end the game, Vialpando returned to Pando in the fourth and a goal from 19 yards out. The couple was connected for the fourth time on a 19-yard flagpole in the corner of the end zone. The Coyotes took a 49-27 lead with an 8:59 record, making it impossible to play in Plainview.
It also put the Coyotes in post-season parking after a slight loss in 2020.
“That’s the standard we’ve set since I received this program,” Freeman said. “It’s not the team’s goal to qualify for the playoffs, but the standard of the program is what this program should achieve.”

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