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Hughie Fury, Chris Eubank Jr and Savannah Marshall live on Sky Sports on Saturday night, sponsored by BOXXER

Dillian Whyte says he wants to fight Tyson Fury next

Dillian Whyte demanded that WBC give Tyson Fury “any choice” but to agree to a mandatory title fight, eventually ending his long wait for a shot at the belt.

Fury’s thrilling victory over Deontay Wilder in their three-way fight in Las Vegas on Saturday cemented his undefeated record and reign as WBC Heavyweight Champion

Whyte’s longstanding status as a mandatory contender could lead to his first chance at the belt if he beats Otto Wallin later this month.

White told Sky Sports News: “Fury has the belt. Wilder had a chance for my three-year warriors but she didn’t.”

“I now hope the WBC enforces my position and Fury has no choice.

“It is a huge British battle, a major battle for Britain.

Anger is an unpredictable man who may say, ‘I’m done! “

“Hopefully we can have a fight when I get past Wallen.

But Fury is a difficult man to plan for.

“I haven’t heard a word from him about getting into a fight.”

Whyte had to wait, enduring a defeat to Alexander Povetkin before winning a rematch, while Fury and Wilder knocked it out in a classic trilogy.

His moment could finally arrive if he beats Wallin, the southern Swedish pop who cut hard and pushed Fury over the edge.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking at them,” White said. “I’m definitely looking forward to fighting the anger.

“And Elaine is a dangerous factor – he pushed Fury all the way through.

“I’m looking forward to fighting Fury next if all goes according to plan.

“I’m always up against it, I’m always in tough fights. I’m used to it.

“I can pull out of a Wallen fight just to fight anger but that’s not my mind. I can’t wait for what Fury does.

“My mind is that I have nothing to lose. I’m not afraid to take risks. They see the danger in my oyster.”

“I will risk everything, if necessary.”


Sky Sports head of boxing development Adam Smith assesses the future of the heavyweight division

White said of the former WBC Champion: “Wilder received a lot of punishment that could have ended his career.

“The last time he was stopped by Mark Berland [the coach who was later sacked] it saved his career.

“His corner was ‘Yes Men’ which allowed him to receive a lot of punishment. This could hurt a fighter’s confidence.

“He was struggling from the third round onwards.

“He can never fight again.”

White talked about Fury’s recent win over Wilder: “The fight went just like I thought.

Wilder put the muscle in the wrong place, on his upper body. I thought he’d get tired.

“I thought he would try to get Fury out in the first two rounds.

“I knew Fury would lean on him.

“Wilder looked better than I thought.”

White’s longtime rival Anthony Joshua has launched a rematch clause to avenge his defeat to FIFA, WBA and IBF champion Oleksandr Usyk.

“People say Joshua needs to change this and that,” White said.

“The only thing he needs to change is his way of thinking.

“Forget trying to please and impress people. You won’t outsmart him.

“You are a big and strong man. Go into the fight for Osik!

“Joshua was done, and Usek was walking around like it was a walk in the park. It must be the other way around because Joshua is the bigger guy.

“Joshua has been a wrecking ball his entire career, but all of a sudden, he decided to change.

“You can add to your style but you should never stray from who you really are, or are looking for something that isn’t there.

“He must be true to himself, and change things in his mind.”

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