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The 2022-23 Nations League group stages come to an end this month, with England, Wales and Northern Ireland all facing relegation – and Scotland aiming for promotion.

Most teams played their first four games in June, with two matches remaining.


The Nations League is a biennial competition in its third edition. It was first won by Portugal in 2019 and France are the defending champions after beating Spain in the 2021 final.

How does it work?

There are three leagues of 16 teams – each with four groups of four teams – and a fourth tier with seven teams – split into a group of four teams and one of three.

The winners of each group in League A qualify for next year’s finals tournament, while the winners of each group in Leagues B, C and D secure promotion to the next league up.

Teams who finish bottom of their groups in League A and B will be relegated, and those in League C will enter a play-off to decide who drops to League D.

It also decides who goes into the play-offs for Euro 2024.

The winners of each group in Leagues A, B and C qualify for the play-offs. If they qualify for Euro 2024 through the traditional qualifiers, their play-off spot goes to the next best team in their league – or the tier below if everybody in that league has qualified.

The 12 teams split into three play-off groups – with semis and a final, and the winners of each (three teams in total) go to the Euros.

England can go down
Group A3
P GD Pts

  1. Hungary 4 4 7
  2. Germany 4 3 6
  3. Italy 4 -2 5
  4. England 4 -5 2
    Friday, 23 September (19:45 BST): Germany v Hungary, England v Italy

Monday, 26 September (19:45 BST): England v Germany, Hungary v Italy

If England lose to Italy they will be relegated to League B of the Nations League for the first time. They need to beat Italy and Germany to be sure of safety.

Hungary will reach the finals, and book a Euro 2024 play-off place, if they beat Germany and Italy do not beat England.

Wales also facing the drop
Group A4
P GD Pts

  1. Netherlands 4 5 10
  2. Belgium 4 3 7
  3. Poland 4 -5 4
  4. Wales 4 -3 1
    Thursday, 22 September (19:45 BST): Belgium v Wales, Poland v Netherlands

Sunday, 25 September (19:45 BST): Netherlands v Belgium, Wales v Poland

Wales will be relegated if they lose to Belgium and Poland do not lose to the Netherlands. A Wales draw would send them down if the Polish win.

The Netherlands v Belgium in the final game could end up as a shootout for a finals place.

Can Scotland go up?
Group B1
P GD Pts

  1. Ukraine 3 4 7
  2. Scotland 3 2 6
  3. Republic of Ireland 4 1 4
  4. Armenia 4 -7 3
    Wednesday, 21 September (19:45 BST): Scotland v Ukraine

Saturday, 24 September: Armenia v Ukraine (14:00 BST), Scotland v Republic of Ireland (19:45 BST)

Tuesday, 27 September (19:45 BST): Republic of Ireland v Armenia, Ukraine v Scotland

Scotland can be promoted for the second time in a row, to League A, if they win their final three games – including two against group leaders Ukraine.

The Republic of Ireland’s promotion hopes will be over if Ukraine beat Scotland in the first game. Stephen Kenny’s side would be relegated if they lose both matches.

Can Northern Ireland avoid drop to bottom tier?
Group C2
P GD Pts

  1. Greece 4 7 12
  2. Kosovo 4 0 6
  3. Northern Ireland 4 -2 2
  4. Cyprus 4 -5 2
    Saturday, 24 September: Northern Ireland v Kosovo (17:00 BST), Cyprus v Greece (19:45 BST)

Tuesday, 27 September (19:45 BST): Greece v Northern Ireland, Kosovo v Cyprus

Northern Ireland will be safe if they better Cyprus’ results in the final two games. But they have never won a Nations League game.

However, fail to do that and they could end up in the play-outs (relegation play-offs) for a place in the bottom tier with teams like San Marino.

Greece have already won the group.

What are some other things up for grabs?
In Group A1, Denmark will be in the finals if they beat Croatia on Thursday. France would be relegated if they lose to Austria at the same time.

Spain could book their place in the finals from A2 if they beat Switzerland and Portugal lose to the Czech Republic on Saturday.

In League B, Israel and Bosnia-Herzegovina are one win from promotion, while Norway and Serbia could meet in the final game to decide who wins B4.

Turkey, Kazakhstan and Georgia are all one win away from going up from League C – and Euro 2024 play-off places.

What has been decided?
Greece have been promoted from Group C2.

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