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The Spurs boss hired Conte in November, but was criticized for not giving him enough support in the January transfer window, with the Spurs losing three in a row.
Tottenham Hotspur were rich in form when they joined in January, and Antonio Conte started his nine-game unbeaten streak.
That narrowed the Spurs’ lead and put them back in the top four as they still have the game in hand.
After hiring a Premier League-winning manager, Conte was expected to provide financial support in January to bring in the extra strength needed to complete the season.
But the Spurs spent only the last day of January signing a loan through a frustrating and difficult exchange window.
After losing three consecutive league games, Mika Richards has criticized Spurs boss Daniel Levy for failing to support Conte with the money needed to sign the top four players this season.

Daniel Levy has been criticized for not giving Antonio Conte enough money to strengthen his team.

The Spurs are down to eighth in the table last weekend, seven points behind the first four, and are unsure if they will hire Richards Conte if they don’t support him.
According to Football.london, he told BBC Radio 5 Live: “Give him what he wants because he needs to win. Since he’s already won, at least he knows how to do such magic at the highest level, so why not give him what he wants?
Of course, Conte himself is not the first to question the decision of former Manchester City defender Levi, who admitted that he was disappointed with the lack of business during the transfer window.
Rodrigo Bentancourt and Dejan Kulusevski signed from Juventus on the final day, but the pair are unlikely to be strong enough.
The Spurs are starting to pay for not getting the right players, as there have been problems on the defensive line lately, costly mistakes and falling points.

Antonio Conte expressed his frustration during the January heavy transfer window

This has been clear in the last few games, with Spurs losing five of their last eight matches in all competitions, including the Carabao Cup semi-final.
Richards did not back down when asked to comment on the Spurs’ last game after losing 2-0 to Wolves on Sunday.
He said: “It’s scary, it’s really scary. He should have known it when [Conte] offered him the job.

Mika Richards criticizes Daniel Levy for not supporting Antonio Conte

“But that’s not Conte’s problem. In the summer he has to spend £ 100 million and get the right players. Maybe £ 150 million, £ 200 million, anything.
‘I doubt the senior players [Christian] Romero and [Davinson] Sanchez. These were good players or good players. I do not understand.
“At the moment, every part of the puzzle seems to have gone the wrong way.”


Credit is changing – The biggest revolution in English football since 1992 is possible
Big teams can’t borrow tons of players – could the English football pyramid change as a result?

You know what it’s like right now: big clubs have a wealth of exciting young people who spend most of their lives on credit at AirBnBs across Europe. FIFA wants to limit the number of loans per club to six.
Isn’t it like big clubs just sit back and make their own decisions? Here you can see what it means to change the credit system as a whole pyramid.
The credit system is changing: but how? So why?

The new rules are attracting attention. Players under the age of 21 and those trained at the club will be exempt from the new guidelines, but international loan laws will come into force in July. Although domestic lending is not yet covered by the new rules, FIFA has said national federations have three years to bring their rules into line with those of the rest of the world.
Therefore, by July 1, 2025, the final approval of the rules by the FIFA Council will allow clubs to send only six players on loan.
There are currently 21 players on loan at Chelsea. It includes players worth £ 30 million: Danny Drinkwater, Michi Batshuayi and Tiemue Bakayoko, all of whom work for the Blues and the famous “loan army”. Under the new rules, they all had to leave.
There is also bad news for affiliated clubs such as Chelsea (Hello, Vitesse). If FIFA wants to limit the number of deals between the two clubs, it will also consider the duration of the loan agreement. Remember when Juan Cuadrado was sent to Juventus on a three-year loan? Yes, it is no longer compatible with FIFA.
Blimey. What do the big clubs do?

Before these new laws are passed, it seems that Drinkwater and Batshuayi may leave Chelsea completely. But the Blues aren’t the only ones affected, with each of the first six “reserved” to some degree, and most. Some of them are losing on the continent in an attempt to increase their value.
Old B team conversations are likely to be confusing again. Pep Guardiola has always been a model for the city’s second team (and of course other clubs) in the Football League, but of course there are many who oppose it.
It seems that these loan laws may tighten the hands of big clubs. They want their prospects to play senior football, and if they can’t do it legally on loan, we could increase the Premier League’s efforts to fill the Pyramids with academies. After all, several of them are competing in the EFL Trophy.
What are the options?

If the big clubs don’t achieve their goals, Premier League 2 will immediately acquire talent. PL2 is a development league in which children under the age of 23 compete: Imagine that every player on loan from the Premier League suddenly returns.
Of course, there may be loopholes. For example, Manchester City has the City Football Group, and FIFA wants to limit the influence of clubs with sponsors, but players can terminate their contracts and take them there. Not everything is clear yet.
Alternatively, clubs could get a B team that plays as friendly as Brentford. Bees compete against under-23 teams, winning their first silver medal at the 2017 Kai Tor Cup in Odense, Denmark, and playing against lower league teams to give their youngsters a taste of fitness.
In any case, we may be preparing for a big change, and English football may need to adapt drastically as the B-teams in the foreign league have already joined the pyramid.

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