When is Sonny Bill Williams vs. Barry Hall boxing fight and how to watch it?

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Former rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams will fight ex-AFL player Barry Hall in Sydney on March 23.

The bout – tagged the Turf War – will be held at the ICC Sydney Super Aware Theatre. It is the first foray into pay-per-view sport for Stan, with the streaming service making it available to existing Stan customers to purchase for $50.

“For the first time in my professional sporting career, I am fully concentrating on boxing,” said Williams. “I know Barry Hall is a very hard man and his debut proved he has a tonne of skill, but he is inexperienced in the ring and nowhere near my class level.

“This fight against Hall starts the last chapter of my sporting career and I will take this win and
move on to further big fights over the next 24-36 months.”

Williams announced he would prepare for the fight by training with heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

“My focus on winning this fight begins with a phenomenal opportunity to join the world’s biggest
name in boxing, Tyson Fury, at his training camp in the United States immediately, to ensure
I am 100% prepared for this fight,” said Williams.

The announcement comes after a frustrated Paul Gallen called out SBW, who has so far resisted a bout against the former NRL enforcer.

Last year Hall criticised Williams, claiming he was holding up their fight.

Williams, who has an 8-0 record with three KOs, responded that he didn’t want to rush into fighting Hall or Gallen and wanted to build his boxing skill set first.

“When it comes to fighting Paul Gallen or Barry Hall, those guys are all part of the process but for me it’s about the daily grind and being wholeheartedly in it,” Williams told ABC Radio.

Hall has only had one professional fight — a draw against Gallen in 2019.

Sonny Bill Williams is pictured before his fight with Staurt Landry during the Banger Under the Hangar Charity Fight Night at The Historic Locomotive Workshops on December 1, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)

(Photo by Brook Mitchell/Getty Images)

“I showed against Paul Gallen that I can go the distance and go hard,” said Hall. “Sonny is a hugely
talented individual but has not ever faced anyone of my size or skill. The lad has had everything laid on a silver platter in his boxing career to date.

“Sonny Boy has made a mistake in taking this fight, I intend to finish his boxing career and open up bigger fight opportunities for myself.”

Hall had been disappointed with the time taken to get SBW in the ring.

Hall Gallen

Paul Gallen and Barry Hall (left) react after a draw is given during the Code War Boxing night at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Friday, November 15, 2019. (AAP Image/Michael Dodge)

“Look, I am a bit frustrated to be perfectly honest,” Hall said late last year.

“It’s been spoken about, this fight, for a very long time. I fought Paul Gallen coming up on two years ago now and we were talking about that fight (with SBW) around that time.

“So it’s been in the making for such a long time. Sonny finally retired (from rugby) so we thought, ‘OK, here we go, we’ll get the ball rolling a bit quicker now’ and it’s just been delay after delay.

“I know everyone’s using the Covid excuse but I’ve seen fights happen around me with other promotions.

“So it’s been a bit frustrating. I’ve been holding out for this fight. I could have fought other guys and had two or three fights and been done but we’ve held out.”

Hall suggested Williams’ camp was opting for low-level fights for fear that a loss to Hall could prematurely end his fight career.

“In the whole grand scheme of things, they’ve obviously got a plan in place and one of those is to be as best prepared as they can,” he said last year.

“From their point of view, if they lose to me, which will happen, their plans … where do they go from there.

“I think they’re trying to prepare as best they can to fight me.”

Asked if he thought he could beat Williams, Hall said: “Absolutely”.

“I’ve watched Paul Gallen and Sonny Bill fight.

“I was retired at that stage from football and I wasn’t thinking about fighting them but as soon as I saw them fight, both of them, I thought I could beat those guys straight away, no shadow of a doubt.”

Hall is nine years older than Williams.

“I’m not Benjamin Button, I can’t turn back the age clock,” said Hall.

“But I’ve still got the skills. I’m fit, I’ve got the boxing knowledge, I’ve got a good amateur pedigree. I can absolutely hang with these guys.”

Turf War is promoted by Green Machine, led by four-time world champion Danny Green, together with Khoder Nasser’s SBW Promotions. It will feature an undercard with at least five professional bouts in the lead up to the highly anticipated main event.

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