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Everton face Wolves at Goodison Park on Sunday, desperate to score all three points.

Frank Lampard spoke to the media during an Everton press conference at Finch Farm

Frank Lampard spoke to the media during an Everton press conference at Finch Farm
Everton had a good run on Thursday night, with a number of opponents relegated to the lower divisions.
Norwich City, Watford and Leeds United have all played and lost, leaving Everton with three games left. Frank Lampard’s men also boasted a game against 18th-placed Burnley.
With these important games in hand, there is a realistic belief that Everton can get rid of the problem once they start scoring, but recent games have highlighted that.
Everton have lost seven of their last eight Premier League games and are in a state of shock after beating Tottenham Hotspur 5-0 on Monday night.
The Blues are aiming to play Wolf again this weekend, but it will not be easy to beat the Black team.
They beat lower-league rivals Watford 4-0 on Thursday, and their desire to bolster European football this season means they are confident and looking to score three points for Goodison Park.
Although there will be more challenges in the final stages of the campaign, Everton will be looking to win this game at Goodison Park as they are better dressed.
The Wolves tend to be hard to crack, but in their game Everton have to do their best to get to the right, which is the deciding factor in scoring the first goal of the game.
The opening goal of the game is usually important, but it has to do with the Wolf.
They have scored their first goal in 14 Premier League games this season, winning 12 and losing just one.
Much of this has to do with Bruno Laj’s ability to be strong and difficult to break down – only the first three of the group have conceded less than 23 goals this season.
As a result of their resilience, they are no longer the most casual wear, with only four teams scoring fewer goals than 28 in the league.
This means that they do not have the means to turn the tide if they concede a goal in the first place, and their opponents have lost 10 of their last 11 games.
For Everton on Sunday, getting their first blood could be the key to winning the game.
This may persuade Lampard to choose an attacking starting line-up, so he will try to get ahead early.
The hostile Goodison atmosphere is likely to evolve as fans try to help the team overcome its rotten form.


After another great game, Dan Bern praised Newcastle United for their “ridiculous impact”.
A fan of the young magpie, he has been one of the club’s highlights since joining Brighton in the January transfer window.

Newcastle United defender Dan Berne Brighton has been impressed with his contract.
Newcastle United’s January signings continue to show that the Magpies have a perfect mid-season business. All five players who came through St. James’s Park have played a key role in the club’s remarkable growth.
It was more clear than ever that Chris Wood had scored his first goal and Dan Byrne had scored before Bruno Guimaraes’ brilliant pass in Thursday night’s game against Southampton. Burn were able to make an impact in St. Mary’s third attack, but he put in another impressive defensive performance.
Despite joining the club with relatively low expectations, he is widely hailed as the most important signing of the January window. Frank McAvenney is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever seen.
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“I had to be honest, I thought something might be wrong with him,” the former West Ham and Celtic striker told Football Insider. “A theft of £ 13 million or anything from Newcastle. I don’t know how they got him to go at that price until his contract was over.
‘There are a lot of young people in Newcastle and they need an experienced manager. That’s what Berne gave them. He looks like a confident boy, suitable for boys around the training ground. He’s a player who talks throughout the game. He gives the same extras as Newcastle fans. They really love him and it’s easy to see why after such a ridiculous effect. “
Since Berne’s place in Newcastle’s starting XI, his junior team has conceded just two points in five games and conceded several goals. As the Magpies try to secure their Premier League status, there is a significant 10-point gap to the relegation zone, which should now be an irresistible advantage.
It’s hard to imagine a pillow like this if Burn hadn’t been brought to the club in January, as he continues to impress his hometown.

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