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Mikel Arteta explains to Sky Sports his plans to improve Arsenal’s squad and why the club should plan its own path back to normal. Watch West Ham and Arsenal live at the Sky Sports Premier League from 4pm on Sunday. Kickoff 4:30pm

Mikel Arteta Exclusive Interview: Why Arsenal Can’t Follow Liverpool’s Route to Quarterfinals

Mikel Arteta explains to Sky Sports his plans to improve Arsenal’s squad and why the club should plan its own path back to normal. Watch West Ham and Arsenal live at the Sky Sports Premier League from 4pm on Sunday. Kickoff 4:30pm

Mikel Arteta told Sky Sports with a smile. “You have to try to understand what might happen next, and how to make those decisions first and use them to leverage them,” he said.

In a conference room on the ground floor of Colney, London, Arteta is discussing the issues of building the club, particularly his efforts to make Arsenal a team that can again achieve major accolades.

We’re talking days after Jurgen Klopp signed a new contract with Liverpool. He extended his seven-year tenure as manager that completely changed Liverpool’s fortunes.

Elsewhere, Manchester United are in a very different stage of development, turning to Ajax’s Eric Ten Hag to replace interim manager Ralph Langnick in the summer.

Meanwhile, Arsenal are somewhere between the two.

Arteta has been overseeing steady improvement since he was appointed two and a half years ago. The Champions League final is just around the corner. But the road to the top is long and he is adamant that Arsenal must plan their own way to get there.

“You can compare and see how other clubs like Liverpool have gone through this process and this phase of the project,” Arteta says.

“But the league six years ago and the league today are completely different. Those leagues won with 83, 84 and 86 points. Now you need 95, 96 or 100 points to win the league.

“Things are completely different and what was good three or five years ago is no longer good, because the standards are too high. We have to focus on what we want to do and how to do it. We’ve gone too far.”

Arteta’s immediate focus is Sunday’s meeting with West Ham at the London Stadium, where Arsenal will try to consolidate their fourth place spot. But besides that, an important summer is coming.

Sky Sports expert Jamie Carragher recently said that Arsenal’s next signing should be on par with Alisson Becker and Virgil van Dyke in how to elevate Arsenal’s status to close the gap with the elite. But Arteta is also tied to the resources he has available.

Alisson and Van Dyke changed Liverpool. But they also paid a total cost of £142m. “I don’t think we’re in a position to do that, so we have to find another way,” Arteta says.


“Liverpool has developed a lot of players as well. That’s just as important as signing players. Then [important] is that the players you buy can make an impact right away.

“It’s a big decision they have to make in recruitment, and they’re human too. They have to adapt, and sometimes it’s a difficult question to answer before they actually get here.”

Arsenal had success in this area last summer. All six new signings have made positive contributions this season, particularly the development of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Lowe, which shows that Arteta has improved the players he already has.

Reaching the Champions League will be an important achievement and will be very necessary and powerful for the club to move forward.
Mikel Arteta

However, it is clear that further strengthening is necessary. There are gaps in the front of the squad and elsewhere, and Arteta understands how quickly plans can change, but has confirmed that plans are already in place to fill them.

“We want to make the squad stronger, the starting XI stronger, the singularity and individuality of our players stronger, and that’s what we’re after,” Arteta said.

“It will depend on a lot of factors… how many players have returned from loan, are we still keeping our promises with them, the financial position we have in relation to closing, the club’s level of interest when buying or selling players. demand.

“There are a lot of question marks, but this is football.” Arteta laughs. “We’ve been through a lot in the last two seasons and we’ll try to manage it in the best way possible.

“The good thing is that the plan is clear, but until you start putting it into action, the plan is just a plan. Then every decision and every situation will either allow you or not. Our goal is that plan. “

Nketiah, Elneny and Injury Adaptation
What will happen in the summer remains to be seen, but Arteta has already had major adjustments on the pitch.

Earlier this month, Arsenal were hit hard by long-term injuries to Thomas Fatie and Kieran Tierney in just a few days.

“We had to adapt because the squad was really short and we knew it first, especially after what happened in the January transfer window,” Arteta said.

“Obviously, we didn’t expect these long-term injuries to come at the same time, but the team has now found a way to compete, play well and strive to win football matches, and that’s it.”

Their recent victory came in an exhilarating way. Arsenal beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge to score four goals and beat Manchester United 3-1 at Emirates Stadium, which had previously lost to Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton.

But their performances in those matches also featured a level of openness not normally associated with Arteta’s Arsenal.

Especially without Partey, did Arteta have to sacrifice defensive stability to unlock the offense?

“We didn’t allow many chances in the three games we lost,” he says. “We conceded a little bit more in the other two matches. We were not satisfied because we wanted to have better control over the match, but it is true that we are a real threat going forward.

“It’s about finding a balance and that’s what we’re trying to achieve.”

Also, is it to make the aspect more unpredictable? Arsenal dominated many games they lost, but Alexandre Lacazette was almost nullified and lacked a lot of cutting edge technology.

“Especially in the last third,” Arteta replies.

“We were in too many situations, we shot too many shots, and we weren’t efficient enough to find the right passes and hit targets much more often than we do.

“It’s something we’ve been working on a lot and in the last two games we’ve gotten better.”

Their improvement owes a lot to some unlikely individuals.

Eddie Nketia scored two goals in the season’s second Premier League opener against Chelsea and impresses after previously unfavorable Mohamed Elneni was drafted to midfield.

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