Why my thinking is shifting

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The Brisbane Broncos have lifted hopes high after tasting victory in their Round 1 clash on Friday night against South Sydney.

Suncorp Stadium was rocking, and this seven-point win has given fans the joy of having a win on the board early.

Round 1 is arguably one of the most important matches of the season. You always want to begin your campaign with a tick.

Despite the absence of Adam Reynolds, Brisbane were able to hold on and surge home, suitably off the back of a Kurt Capewell field goal.

The team stats were very similar, but it was their completion rate that was a key factor in winning the game.

They were clean with 83 per cent. The opposition had 15 uncompleted sets, which added up to 66 per cent.

The Broncos just seemed to be hungrier for the two competition points, as their effort really showed.

Support evidence was that the Rabbitohs had more missed tackles and a better tackle efficiency rating. They expressed their will to fight in little areas, such as their kicking metres, recording 250 more than their opposition.

Whether the Broncos can reach their goal of making the top eight was one of the biggest debates throughout the off-season, and now it rages on in the early part of the season proper.

Taking the step from the bottom three in back-to-back years to the top eight is really hard for any club, but if a club is going to do it, then I bloody hope my Broncos can.

In the off-season I had Brisbane finishing in tenth spot, and if that’s how they end their campaign, then I don’t think it will be good enough for themselves and fans.

The top eight is certainly where they want to finish if the club want to call 2022 a successful year.

I really need to see the next few weeks from the Maroon side. Up next they play the Bulldogs, Cowboys and Warriors.

They could certainly come out of that period with a 4-0 record.

If they do, then the chances of them playing finals footy would defiantly rise, as it’d show they can beat those bottom teams consistently, which they’ve failed to do over the last couple of seasons.

From where I sit right now I don’t see the Broncos playing in September, but if they can prove that they can defeat those bottom-eight teams and knock off some of the bigger teams, then my thinking would undoubtedly change.

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