Why the Broncos must extend Payne Haas’ contract

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The Brisbane Broncos have begun the season with a record of 2-2. This seems like an alright start. However, their last two weeks are what everyone is talking about.

Brisbane have suffered back-to-back defeats, coming against the Warriors as well as their North Queensland neighbours.

Being handed a 26-point deficit against the Cowboys, they played worse against the Warriors, despite failing to win by fewer points.

The Broncos looked to be somehow flatter for most their second loss, compared to their first. Both matches were very poor, especially compared to their Round 1 success and even the win against Canterbury.

Considering their last couple of weeks, as a Red Hill fan I have not found much to be impressed with.

Brisbane’s opening match against Souths possibly forced me to be a little too cocky. Due too my very optimistic thoughts after Round 2, it was even more crushing too see the boys seem to begin to fall off the track again.


This current situation is giving me nightmares of 2020, as back then the Broncos also had a strong 2-0 start to the year. However the Broncos then went on to claim the wooden spoon.

I’m trying to tell myself surely not, this can’t happen again. The Broncos’ first goal is to add to their four current points on the ladder, which would hopefully put away thoughts of having a repeat of their worst season ever.


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Although the Broncos display players who have been superb to begin the season, others have not been up to par.

One of the key men in the squad is Kotoni Staggs, who has certainly not been at his best recently. Staggs has run an average of 74 run metres, which is not what the Broncos would usually expect from a man like him.

Plus, he hasn’t received the ball as much as the young superstar deserves.

Thomas Flegler proved to be the ultimate bad boy on Saturday as he was placed on report a grand total four times.

Since Flegler joined the club, he has shown great potential, however he hasn’t been my cup of tea. Flegler has very low discipline and gives away many silly penalties, as well as a high rate of mistakes and plays that are simply just not needed.

The recently leaked video footage of teammates Payne Haas and Albert Kelly has added much drama to Haas’s contract situation.

Obviously there have been reports of the club wanting to give Haas a $1 million contract renewel.

Although his current deal runs out at the end of 2024, the speculation around his future is already a large topic.

If he wishes to extend with the club then it will likely be a six-year, $6 million deal.

This would allow arguably the best current front-rower in the game to spend the highest chunk of his career in Brisbane.

Payne Haas.


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When asked why he hasn’t extended the deal, he quoted “no rush”. This video was alleged to be filmed on Albert Kelly’s 31st birthday, which was last month.

This is no coincidence that this footage was released this week, as right now is when Haas’ contract talks have been firing up.

Many experts have stated that the apparent Broncos bad boy should be left behind by the club.

This is outrageous as he is just too key to this side.

Haas is an incredible wrecking ball on the field. He must be re-signed and paying him $6 million over six seasons is certainly worth it, despite forwards not having as much value as backs and halves these days.

Next, the Broncos will face the Sydney Roosters and Penrith Panthers in back-to-back prime-time Friday night fixtures.

Although Brisbane are a team that always puts up an incredible fight against the Roosters at Suncorp, many have counted them out without second thoughts.

This is fair enough, however if there is any quality team that I have hope against as a Broncos supporter, it is the Chooks.

On the other hand, Penrith are not a team that any team have been able to defeat much lately. I have tipped the Broncos this week as I generally always tip them, despite the opponent. This team has costed me tipping comps.

If they can pull off an upset on Friday night it would probably have me on a high for the whole weekend, due to the slim hope.

However, a third straight poor performance could shatter fans, as we have had a lot of hope to start the year.

If the result ends up being a loss, a defeat at the hands of the Panthers is very likely and the event of that happening would leave the Broncos with an ugly 2-4 record.


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