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Charlie Wake fainted during practice last Monday and was released from the hospital; “My life was saved by the actions of Gaffer [Lim Richardson] and club doctor Jonathan Tobin, and my story may have saved someone else’s life.”

Charlie Wake was released from the hospital with a heart attack during training
Charlie Wike says Wigan manager Liam Richardson saved the life of a striker who suffered a heart attack during training last week.
The 28-year-old, who is now out of hospital, has been sidelined with his team-mates ahead of Monday’s Premier League clash with Cambridge United.
The striker was stabilized by Richardson and Wigan club doctor Jonathan Tobin, who was treated by medical staff and taken to Royal Albert Edward Hospital in Wigan. He was then transferred to Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.
Wigan have been in constant contact with him since his fall, and the striker has released updated information about his condition.
He said: “First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Club Hospital staff and NHS staff who took care of me after I was taken to the hospital last week. I especially want to mention Dr. Rob. for everything you have done for me over time.


“I think it’s important to tell my story to supporters and the public, because my life was saved by the actions of Gaffer [Lim Richardson] and club doctor Jonathan Tobin, and my story may have saved someone else’s life.”
“As you know, I fainted while training on Monday. I had a heart attack and needed respiratory treatment, which was an immediate response from the doctor who started the resuscitation process, and then the doctor’s sequel saved me. and I will forever be grateful for coming to share my experiences with the actions of other staff.
“Thank you. Just a few weeks ago, it became clear how Gaffer reacted to my fall and started breathing on the training ground to save his life. The coaches and staff texted about the importance of such training.
“The support from my teammates over the last few days has been amazing; celebrating with a shirt in Plymouth shows what great guys we are in Wigan. I heard the fans sing my name. I also watched the games from the hospital and it was amazing to hear – I Thank you so much for your support.
“I received thousands of text messages from all the clubs I played for, from the football community and others, and the best wishes went on for me and my family. It was a real boost for me. My old teammates at Sunderland wished me well. The blessing picture – the impression of a class of amazing guys.
“I can’t wait to go home in the next few days with my son, my partner, my friends, and my family.
“I can’t wait to come back to the training ground next week and meet the youngsters. I will start training lightly from there and I hope I can fully train with my team next year.
“Thanks for the support. Charlie.”

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