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Wimbledon shocks world with ban on Russian and Belarusian stars As a result, the ranking points were withdrawn.

Sally Bolton, Chief Executive of Wimbledon Said on Monday she was relieved that the world’s top stars have appeared at the Grand Slam. Even if there is no rating rating.

Both ATP and WTA, which govern the male and female tours. Points were removed after the All England Club banned Russian and Belarusian players in retaliation for Ukraine’s invasion.

This means that players such as US Open champion Daniil Medvedev, Andrey Rublev, Aryna Sabalenka and Victoria Azarenka cannot play in London.

Bolton, who said that the decision to ban players “Incredibly difficult,” stressed that Wimbledon organizers were disappointed by the ATP and WTA decisions.

“We think it’s a disproportionate decision in the context of the situation we find ourselves in and in the context of the global situation,” she said before playing on Monday.

“And of course it punishes every player. So we feel it’s disproportionate. And I think the quality of the pitches we played in the Championship speaks for itself.”

Bolton also said she stood firm in her decision to ban players, despite what happened.

“That decision was unbelievably difficult and complicated,” Bolton told the BBC on Monday morning.

“It took us a long time to think about it and to make that decision, it was complicated but we stood. It was the right decision for the championship. Still the right decision for the championship. We deeply regret the impact on each player involved. But it is still the right decision for us this year.”

Former world number one Naomi Osaka, who withdrew from Wimbledon last month with an Achilles injury. Said earlier that she could skip it because of the decision to remove the rating points.

But two-time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray will “never feel like an exhibition” even without the points.

Bolton said she expected an unprecedented number of spectators for this year’s championship. The tournament will switch to a permanent play policy on Sunday. which used to be a rest day

“The history of why we don’t play on Sunday is about the court that needs rest. But due to lawn technology Care and attention have improved over the years. We have arrived at a place where we believe the court … can withstand 14 days,” she said.

“So we’re very confident it can be done and we’re really excited about adding an extra day. But especially Sunday special when we think about the audience that exists and we think about trying to bring tennis to as many people as we can around the world.”


Bolton welcomes a return to the old ticket queue. of Wimbledon That didn’t happen during last year’s coronavirus disruption.

“It’s very important and in fact the fact that we didn’t have it last year. I think it really underscores its importance and importance to everyone,” she said.

“The reason queuing is important isn’t because we think people enjoy queuing especially in the UK. Although traditionally everyone assumes Britons love queuing, it is actually about accessibility.”

However, the fans didn’t quite agree. because of the fans raging various scenes

One fan said it was “The worst thing about Wimbledon” and the way other Grand Slams handle ticket sales is “much better”.

Another said: “The queue gave me zero impressions. It only shows that Wimbledon still has an outdated and backward ticket system. To be honest it is really embarrassing in 2022 and there is no reason to celebrate.”

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