WWE Smackdown Results Live Streaming Details 12 March 2022

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WWE Smackdown Results March 12, live blog : In a quest to move one step further in the build-up of Wrestlemania 38, two matches have been announced for this Friday night. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E) vs. the team of Sheamus & Ridge Holland.

Drew McIntyre and Viking Raiders vs Happy Corbin, Madcap Moss and Jinder Mahal:ย 

WWE SmackDown Live Blog:ย A Raw recap is played of Kevin Owens calling out Stone Cold Steve Austin as we head into a commercial break. We are back from the break and we are in Texas with Stone Cold.

Austin thanks Owens for waking up something that slept in him for 19 years. Austin promises to open one last can of Whoop a** on Kevin Owens.

Sheamus and Ridge Holland vs New Day:ย After last weekโ€™s humiliation, The New Day attack Sheamus and Holland right away to start the match. The New Day regain control as we return from a commercial break.

Kingston connects with a boom drop and then delivers an SOS. A interference from Butch helps Sheamus connect with a brouge kick. Sheamus pins Kingston for the win.

WWE SmackDown Results:ย Sheamus and Ridge Holland defeat The New Day

We kick things off with The Beast Brock Lesnar. The WWE Champion looks in no mood for fun and games today. The Champ enters the ring picks up the microphone and says he is here for blood tonight.

He doesnโ€™t care about WrestleMania, he doesnโ€™t care about titles. He throws his title outside the ring and asks Roman Reigns to come out. Paul Heyman walks out and says Roman Reigns isnโ€™t here tonight. The Beast says if Romanโ€™s not here, whoโ€™s gonna protect Heyman. Heyman runs away, Lesnar chases him but the former gets in a car and gets away.

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